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Access to the top of the fang?/ want to help me make an awesome photo?

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Jason Kaplan · · Glenwood ,Co · Joined Jul 2005 · Points: 3,385

Hey all I have a quick question. Is there a relatively easy and safe way to access the top of the fang (like walking around the cliff)? I have wanted to create a photograph there for a long time and I worry the only way I have a chance of lighting it is by being on a rope against the pillar itself. The biggest problem is that I don't ice climb so I can't get a rope up there myself if not (though I was lucky enough to TR this thing once).

For those who are curious about the photo, you can see the idea if you look at the photos of the Drool that I have done in the past that are on here. If there is not a reasonable way I will probably need to employ someone to hang a rope on it for me which in itself can be a challenge. I know some ice climbers who may be able to help me out but it is hard to plan because I need to do it on a clear night as near a new moon as possible and I am mostly limited to weekends due to work. I don't need to have a climber on it, but it's cool for scale if someone feels like modeling too.

When I did it before on the drool the formation was small enough I could light it from the ground. I did a 3 hour shot without anyone else to make sure it would work first before asking someone to model in the cold. Then i did 5 hours of exposure with the model (shot the model at dusk then they went home). However with the nature of this one it's kind of winging it since I am not close enough to test my lighting easily. I don't even know for sure that my flashes will penetrate the formation if I am right against it, and I might have to borrow, rent or buy portable studio lights to shoot through it. However the models or people who hang a rope for me shouldn't need to hang around in the cold for hours with me. If I do get a model we would need a belayer too, we would TR and trail a rope with some screws in the formation to make it look like you are on lead unless you are hardcore and just want to lead it (around dusk, not in full blown darkness but close). Also just to be clear when I say model I don't mean in the typical sense of a cute girl, just an ice climber (in bright colored clothes).

I don't yet have a date planned for the shot and it is hard to have one because of the weather factor but I am trying to plan ahead so i can try to actually make it happen this year before it is gone.

John Barritt · · OKC · Joined Oct 2016 · Points: 1,058

Looks cool.

Mark E Dixon · · Sprezzatura, Someday · Joined Nov 2007 · Points: 564

Jason, are you sure the Fang is in?

MauryB · · Boulder, CO · Joined Jul 2007 · Points: 313

It fell down Monday.

Mark E Dixon · · Sprezzatura, Someday · Joined Nov 2007 · Points: 564
MauryB wrote:It fell down Monday.
I guess you could still get a picture amongst the ruins
Jason Kaplan · · Glenwood ,Co · Joined Jul 2005 · Points: 3,385

I had no clue wether it was in or not. Thanks for the heads up though. I am still curious regardless even if I can't shoot it this year. I suppose another good question might be closest legal overnight parking?

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