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Ring Finger Extension and Flexion Issue

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Hi, I am looking to see if others share similar experiences with a ring finger injury. I also hope to learn more about my injury.

I injured my left finger years ago playing sports. There's a slight hint of swan's neck deformity on the left ring finger where the volar plate is somewhat swollen (probably from scar tissue healing). Surgery was not needed then to correct the injury; I just splint the jam and let it heal on its own. Unfortunately, I've noticed that I have trouble fully extending the left ring finger while simultaneously flexing all my other fingers (so that all the fingers I intend to flex touch the palm); the ring finger feels like it is pulled down into flexing mode. In other words, and of course without offense, I am having trouble giving you the "finger" utilizing the ring finger instead of the middle.

Likewise, I have trouble flexing my ring finger (so that it touches my palm), while extending all the other fingers on the hand. When I do this, I feel as if the ring finger is being blocked from flexing down into its most compact state. Think of when you play the guitar, and you are utilizing your left ring finger to fret a string, but all your other fingers are extended out.

My right hand is perfectly capable of performing these mechanics.

I would like to visit a hand specialist regarding this as it impedes my ability to play musical instruments and to tie ropes. Would anyone be able to share similar experiences regarding their finger injury? Is this an issue with the volar plate? Perhaps an issue with the tendon? Thank you for your time. Pictures to come later.

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