Plz Advise on Ski-Back-Packing Spots in N. Mich

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Am unfamiliar with region and looking for places where I can park in a plowed lot, not get towed by LEO and then ski on a broken but not trashed trail and camp back in the woods on a weekend trip. Any suggestions?

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You might get more information that will help you out by posting to the Powder Project instead of MP. Good luck.

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Northern Lower Michigan or the UP? I only know of places in the UP to help.

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U.P. is too far. N. LP is the idea.

Yeah maybe I'll try some other Web site, though I'd have thought that since there's basically zero climbing in midwest, those who know the area might have some alternate pursuits that are vaguely related.

Am 10 miles here from "Grand Ledge" -- the best rock climbing within 300 miles. A f*%^ing 12-foot mud bluff...!!!!

A weekend-type overnight ski trip. There's tons of national forest up there but I don't have a handle on it......"in-holdings" & cornfields seem to be everywhere......

I've asked around at local camping and ski shops -- but people around here don't even seem to understand the question.

Am thinking "snow mobile trails" might do...if traffic not too heavy & there is some new snow.

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Maybe look at mountain bike trails? Something like the North Country Trail may fit the bill.

You can join the NCT from many places, but I'm only familiar with the Timber Creek Campground (Branch, MI). There is an ATV/snowmobile trail and then singletrack that will probably get fat bike traffic.

Timber Creek Campground

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