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Best gyms in Vegas

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PatMas · · Tulsa, OK · Joined Jan 2017 · Points: 0

I'll be in Vegas (somewhat against my will) for three days in February. I will have one maybe two free mornings, not enough time to make it outdoors. I'm curious what the best gyms are there. I prefer rope climbing, but I won't have a partner so mostly bouldering for me there. Thanks

Joe Cappiello · · Unknown Hometown · Joined Dec 2007 · Points: 0

Thanks for posting! I will also be in Vegas at the end of February (work conference), and will only be free in evenings. Any good tips on where to get a quick bouldering session, aside from the Calicos?

Nicholas Gillman · · Las Vegas · Joined Jan 2015 · Points: 331

So the Vegas has four gyms

The Refuge

Bouldering only. They do have a roped section that is like three routes but iirc they are only for private events. They have adopted the no tape setting approach as well so all the holds on your route/problem will be the same color , taking this a step further all of the grades at the Refuge are color coded as well . I.E. all the blue routes/problems are in the V1-V2 range where as all the red routes would be in the V6-V7 range etc.. The setting at the Refuge is pretty satisfying and I've never heard anyone really complain about it in general. It a modem open space not really ever too crowded.

Red Rock Climbing Center

Locally just know and R2C2 this was iirc the first gym in Vegas. It in my opinion has the best "terrain" so to speak as far as roofs and corners etc. It also has a pretty unique feature in the form of like a bouldering "tunnel" that you can climb up to access the the upper areas of the gym. It's pretty small and on a busy night you can find yourself having to wait for someone to finish the line next to you so you don't get in the way and vice versa. Ive always found the bouldering at R2C2 to be pretty stiff (atleast compared to the other gyms in the valley) but not it a bad way. They use the taped route standard and have a pretty even split between bouldering and roped climbing maybe a slight edge to bouldering. They also have 5-6 Autobelays as well and tons of lead climbing.

Origin Climbing and Fitness

The newest and biggest gym in Vegas. Has the most wall "space" as as far as the ability to set routes and problems. If I had to guess it the split here would likely clock in around like 60% bouldering and 40% rope climbing. That 60% bouldering though is still more than any of the other gyms in Vegas. Their roped climbing wall is only about 1/3 lead only... the rest is TR and they have 4-5 auto belays mixed in as well. They utilize the tapeless color coding style of setting. The setting itself is usually spot on. I'm personally a fan of the lead routes here and I've never heard any complaints about the quality of the bouldering. I don't have the stats to back it up it's just a guess but I think they have the fastest turnover rate as far as rotating out old routes/problems and setting new ones.

Nevada Climbing Center

This is the only gym in Vegas I haven't made it to but I hear good things about it someone else might be able to elaborate more as far as what they have going on there.

Hope that helps a little.

PatMas · · Tulsa, OK · Joined Jan 2017 · Points: 0

Awesome, Appreciate the run down Nicholas. I was already kinda leaning toward Origin so thats probably where I will go, unless someone else comments something that changes my mind!

Joe Cappiello · · Unknown Hometown · Joined Dec 2007 · Points: 0

Thanks Nicholas!

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