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Some logistical questions regarding Tonsai/Railay for a family.

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Tech Tonics · · Unknown Hometown · Joined Oct 2010 · Points: 0

My wife and I spent a few months in Tonsai/Railay 15 years ago (christ, we're old). We were barely in our 20's and both climbing hard 5.12. It was one of the best periods of my life!

Now? we are headed back...but this time with our two daughters and we will only get to stay for a week. Our kids climb mid 5.10 and my lady and I mid '11s. yeah yeah, we've gotten soft.

some questions:
-since we are only climbing for a few days, but will be travelling through SE Asia for a month...we are wondering what gear we should bring, and what is able to be rented. We have a rope that we will retire this spring anyway, so we are thinking about bringing it and ditching it when we leave. but not sure about draws and other gear. Don't mind carrying our shoes and harnesses. Is there reliable rental gear?

-I've heard rumors that there are more moderates these days. I hope so! We used to warm up on Babes in Thailand...and now i'm not sure i can even reach the chains.

-I've also heard that the weather has been bad. is that case?

-We'll be there in mid-febuary. any other families around?

thanks, all!

Neyma Jahan · · Unknown Hometown · Joined Jan 2014 · Points: 65

1 - you can rent everything- but its stupid expensive- like $100 a day - its almost the same price to hire a "guide" to gun the top rope for you who comes with all the gear

2 - Not really- The moderate areas are overrun with guides and gumbies - you can sneak in between themm but its a stupid game. That being said- it's good enough for a few days.

3 - If you are looking for less rustic and more resort- stay in Railay West (NOT EAST that is a swamp)

4- Try Chiang Mai if you want a different eperience- Crazy horse has tons of fun moderates, great weather and isnt crowded.

Helen L · · Toronto, Canada · Joined Sep 2016 · Points: 206

just came from there over a week ago.. loved it! it will definitely be different from your first time and more crowded. the weather is hot, but you can go to shady spots in the morning and move in the afternoon. I stayed on Tonsai (cheaper and where all the climbers hang) but Railay is better for young kids, though it is more of a "vacationer" place. West Railay is nice but expensive so unless you have tons of money....

Lots of 11s to climb, and plenty of 10s. I climb 10a-b and had plenty to do, though if you can climb higher grades, you will have more fun. The classes and guides stay on the 5.9s and below generally, and those routes suck anyway (sooo polished).

Since you plan to climb together for a whole week, bring your own gear. You can rent but it isn't cheap (e.g. rope costs 400-500 baht a day). I didn't bring rope or draws but I was also there alone so met others to climb with who had brought gear. Unless you plan to meet others to climb with, then best to bring your own gear.

mcarizona · · Flag · Joined Feb 2007 · Points: 180

I say stay in a hotel in Rai lei and focus on snorkling with the kids. (what about an inflatable floatie for the kids to hang on to for the longboat journey... just in case) Bring harnesses and shoes and belay device and try to meet up with other climbers. Then while one of you is climbing, the other is snorkling (bad ass views underwater). Then switch. As you recall, you will always be wet anyway!


mikehilbert · · Tucson, AZ · Joined Oct 2012 · Points: 1,272

Rent gear in tonsai from Dom at the shop near the beach bar. I paid something like $30 per day (last fall) for a full set for 2 people. You can possibly bargain him down if you will be needing 2 sets.

There aren't that many mods but try escher wall (less gumbies) and 123 wall (more gumbies).

Railay east is super nice. The beach isn't anything special but Railay west beach is like a 3 minute walk railay east is closer to the mods climbing and Phra Nang beach, which is the nicest of them all.

I've been there twice and am going back next month. Pm me for additional details.

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