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Toyota Chinook?

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Hobo Greg · · My Van · Joined Mar 2016 · Points: 160

Really interested in a Chinook or something similar as my full time home, not just for climbing though that is my favorite thing to do. But I'm not mechanical at all. Do I want something that is from the 70s if I myself don't know how to work on one? Other options that are a good mix of fuel efficiency and space? Thanks

Zach M · · Boulder, CO · Joined Jun 2011 · Points: 0

I have a '81 Trekker, which is built on the same Toyota pickup chassis. They are pretty economical (mid to high teens), but a modern 4x4 will usually be better. The 22R is a solid engine that Toyota used (with fuel injection) up until the mid '90s, but you are talking about 30-40 year old trucks now. If you can find a good one, it would be fun, but you can probably do better with a modern pickup and a used camper shell. I70 through Colorado can be rough though, I've blown a 22R hauling gear up over the passes.

Unfortunately, when I've looked for Chinooks, I found a lot of really ratty trucks and 2WD versions. The 4WD ones are few and far between. It all comes down to what's on Craigslist when you are looking.

beensandbagged · · R.I. · Joined Oct 2013 · Points: 10

I think with older vehicles when things eventually do go wrong parts can be an issue, unless you enjoy going to swap meets, junk yards and searching the web. Some people do enjoy the constant treasure hunt.

john strand · · southern colo · Joined May 2008 · Points: 1,640

I had a Toyota Previa(van) that was awesome, lots of room, awd..etc. These went out of production in 1997 , but at least that's newer than Chinooks...

good luck

Benjamin Chapman · · Small Town, USA · Joined Jan 2007 · Points: 13,342
john strand · · southern colo · Joined May 2008 · Points: 1,640

That's cheatin' Ben....looks like a 2016!!!

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