Good scrambles in RR

kenr · 5 days ago · Unknown Hometown · Joined Oct 2010 · Points: 7,730
More progress today on exploring the "grand ridge traverse" of the Calicos.
Pretty much have it scoped out end-to-end. But getting worried I don't have the endurance for that much low 5th class climbing in one day.

Today started NW end at Sandstone Quarry parking. Hiked over to NE end and traversed S over Red Cap peak, then hit as many "nubs" close to the crest as possible along the way S to Tank Peak. Then returned down the maintained trail.

Rather interesting half-day adventure in itself, with several "false leads", and lots more short low-5th-class than I'd have guessed. It's rather complicated terrain. I'd do it again.

For the full traverse ... guess I need to build more endurance and wait till later in the season. (Meanwhile there's Sierra skiing to be done).


P.S. shuttle between Start+Finish?
well ... Driving out on the Scenic Loop road made me pretty sure I'm not doing the end-of-day shuttle back to Red Springs on a bicycle.

Peter Lewis · 5 days ago · Bridgton, Maine · Joined Oct 2009 · Points: 130
kenr wrote: Wow -- that's amazing! Great that you're stretching our vision for the Las Vegas area. meanwhile, back to "mortal" scale . . .

kenr: If you're referring to my little limestone crest essay, thanks, but the praise is a bit unwarranted. My partner and I are just ordinary climbers without common sense or the ability to rightly judge our abilities and stamina, yet still prone to hubris. We did the limestone traverse on our "rest days" between long moderates up on Black Velvet and in the other canyons. And we got totally drilled. The day after the traverse we went to the Black Corridor around Noon (with several rest stops on the approach) and just laid around in the shade drinking Gatorade and occasionally falling asleep.

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