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Looking for Climbing Patent Lawyer!

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dindolino32 · · Unknown Hometown · Joined Feb 2009 · Points: 25

Hi there, I have a climbing invention that I am looking to get patented. Climbing is a relatively specific and I am finding it hard to find someone that understands the use and function in climbing and would like to have someone that has patented things in the climbing realm before. My wife and I have already written most of the claim and want someone to go over what we have written and inform us of anything we may have missed. Thanks in advance

FrankPS · · Atascadero, CA · Joined Nov 2009 · Points: 275

I cannot vouch for this guy (because I don't him), but his website says he's a climber (or used to be)

Do your legwork in checking references.

SMarsh · · NY, NY · Joined Sep 2013 · Points: 3

James Woods at Mauriel Kapouytian Woods LLP is a sometime climber.

He's a really nice guy and smart.

His firm specializes in patent work.

If his firm is not appropriate, he may be able to suggest one that is.

ton · · Salt Lake City · Joined Aug 2014 · Points: 0

drop me a PM, if you like. i'm happy to give you a bit of a patent law 101, without need to disclose your product to me.

whether the firm i'm with is the right choice for you is part II of the conversation.

where are you, btw? i'm in SLC.

ShireSmitty · · Boulda · Joined Jan 2013 · Points: 70

Chad Volk - registered here on MP and works in Boulder

JulianG · · Unknown Hometown · Joined Oct 2009 · Points: 130

Try Chris Archer he climbs at movement all the time. He does a lot of business in the outdoor industry. Really nice and smart guy too.

sherb · · Unknown Hometown · Joined Dec 2012 · Points: 60

I climb and I used to be a patent attorney. If you haven't gotten the advice you seek from the above, feel free to PM me. I can provide general advice for free, but I cannot represent you, prosecute the application for you -or charge you- due to being a patent examiner now.

llanSan · · Unknown Hometown · Joined Aug 2014 · Points: 130

how come non of you have pics in your profile. is this a lawyer thing?

sherb · · Unknown Hometown · Joined Dec 2012 · Points: 60

I'm no longer a lawyer having put all of my registrations in inactive status. However, you can see my arm. And I don't have my real name on here either despite heavy encouragement. It might be a lawyer thing... this is a public website and I write some things on here I don't always want to be associated with.

Nick Goldsmith · · Pomfret VT · Joined Aug 2009 · Points: 440

Just show your Idea to that jardine fellow. You'll be fine ;)

Guideline #1: Don't be a jerk.

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