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I have a couple old ball nuts and really like them. Looking to pick up one or two more, but they are no longer made by the company mine are from (Lowe/Byrne). Do the new Trango or CAMP ones follow the same size run and color scheme? Anyone had their hands on both and noticed differences between the CAMP and Trango ones I should now about?

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Everything I have seen comparing the two brands still making them shows no difference. I don't know how sizing compares to the older ones though.

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Both company's ball nuts are the same, just printed with their own name. I heard tell somewhere they're even made in the same factory.

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Funny, i have both brands. They do not look or feel the same. The trangos are older, might be the reason.
I much prefer the camp, better trigger feel.
And by the way, i have all 5 sizes, use them frequently. Just don't whip on them, they will weld. BTDT.

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