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Andy Spellmeyer · · Boulder, CO · Joined Sep 2016 · Points: 0

Anyone used this site before? I found some good deals but hadn't even heard of this place until yesterday. Seems legit enough...

Nick Sweeney · · Spokane, WA · Joined Jun 2013 · Points: 612
Boissal · · Small Lake, UT · Joined Aug 2006 · Points: 1,345

I've bought a number of items from their sister sites (mainly
They're legit, the only issue can be delays in customs which appear to be completely random. It took 5 days to get a beacon but I've had a pair of ski boots take a solid 2 weeks to ship only to get bogged down in the USPS San Fran facility.
There's also a chance you'll have to pay an import fee.

Brian Abram · · Celo, NC · Joined Oct 2007 · Points: 478

yep. I've ordered from them a few times. They are out of Spain. Even with the shipping cost, they can be cheaper than anywhere in the US. DHL delivery is pricier, but really fast, fwiw. The times I've ordered from them via DHL, it's arrived on the East Coast quicker than stuff I've ordered via UPS Ground from Washington state. Duty free threshold was raised from $200 to $800 back in March, so there should be no customs fee unless you're buying something expensive. Even then, the fee is on the dollar amount over $800 ($900 dollar item means $100 has a fee)

Jeff K · · Unknown Hometown · Joined Feb 2011 · Points: 200

I ordered a Kong Slyde from them on November 6 and it just arrived to me in California yesterday (December 5). Despite the length of shipping time, they are very responsive to emails and include tracking numbers.

Andy Spellmeyer · · Boulder, CO · Joined Sep 2016 · Points: 0

Thanks guys! Sounds like a reputable company.

And sorry about not searching. I posted from the app and haven't ever figured out where the search function is : /

BigB · · Red Rock, NV · Joined Feb 2015 · Points: 340

Ive bought from them, it took awhile to get the item, but I got it.

snowman · · Unknown Hometown · Joined Nov 2014 · Points: 735

Took almost 4 weeks to get my order- I know 4 people that had the same wait.

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