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BD Firstlight for winter: seam seal or no?

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Stephen Waud · · Burlington, VT · Joined Sep 2014 · Points: 25

Just picked up a Firstlight in anticipation of some winter BC adventures. NE primarily but looking ahead to Ranier in the spring. Poking around a bit there seems to be some dissension on whether or not to seal these or not... those anti suggesting the added weight and PITA of the process.

First hand pro or con?

Nate K · · Las Vegas, NV · Joined Jul 2012 · Points: 225

I used to own a firstlight and it was my only tent for a long time. for new england i would seam seal it. and rainier too. any heavy wet snow or light rain and it will leak and New England has plenty of that, same with cascades.

The seam sealing is not a difficult task, you can do it sloppily and it will look like shit and still work. The added weight of seam sealing is negligible. The tent is really not designed for backpacking or really any use below treeline and with temps above freezing (although it does actually work pretty well for winter backpacking). Its basically a bivy sack for 2 that you can cook in. If youre gonna use it for that then seam sealing is a must

Andrew Yasso · · Las Vegas, NV · Joined Sep 2012 · Points: 215

Seam sealing is a very minor PITA, but as Nate K said you can do it very messily and still come away with acceptable results.

When sitting in an evening thunderstorm or wet heavy snow fall, waiting for 'firstlight,' you will not be upset you seam sealed it. Just do it.

Chiatt Hiatt · · Bozeman, Mt · Joined Oct 2015 · Points: 85

Definitely seam seal. I made the mistake of putting it off...damp gear/clothes suck in the alpine. Set your tent up, seal it, and pack it back up the next day... Simple.

Stephen Waud · · Burlington, VT · Joined Sep 2014 · Points: 25

Thanks all, message received. Will seal this sucker before taking it out.

RangerJ · · Denver, CO · Joined Jan 2012 · Points: 65


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