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tools for maintaining training while on extended time away for work

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wisam · · Unknown Hometown · Joined Jan 2012 · Points: 60

Got to be out of town for the next month training for a new job and won't be near any climbing gyms or outdoor climbing. Any recommended training tools to keep me from regressing too much while I'm there? Something small and compact would be nice. I'm assuming the hotel will have a fitness center so I'm mainly thinking about maintaining grip strength which for me always seems to be the first thing to go when I take time off. Something along the lines of the two links below are what i'm thinking, but also open to other suggestions. Would rather not do a hang board since I have to fly down there and will need to bring a fair amount of work related stuff……;ti=U2VhcmNoIFJlc3VsdHM6Y2xpbWJpbmcgdHJhaW5pbmc6MjoxMDpjbGltYmluZyB0cmFpbmluZw==

Loganator · · blue van, on the highway to no · Joined Jan 2012 · Points: 240

I'd get some rubber bands for antagonistic training. It'll maintain your grip strength, and fight off tendinitis issues that come up after several years of climbing.

I had a job once where I was stuck in hotels 2-3 weeks at a time. If your hotel has a treadmill, try this exercise (I think its from Steve Houses book "Training for the new alpinism"): Turn treadmill on at its slowest speed, 2-3 mph will do. Get into a pushup position, with your feet on the carpet behind the TM and your hands on the stationary sidewalls of the TM. When you're ready, start "walking" on your hands, keeping your back straight. Count 100 steps... workouts done for the day after 2 or three of those! It'll work back and core, and a bit of endurance; also simulates climbing movement.

Steve Murphy · · Loveland, CO · Joined Jul 2009 · Points: 20
Portable Power Grips might be the ticket. Or the full size Rock Rings if you've got the luggage space. Throw them over a bar at the gym or a tree limb outside.
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