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Stuck Rope at Gunks after Minor Accident

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Hey MP,

Edit 2: rope was snagged by gunkiemike - thanks! I guess I'll leave this up for posterity and as a safety reminder.

TL;DR: There's a stuck rope on Dennis/Belly Roll at the gunks. If you happen to be the one to retrieve it, I'd be hugely appreciative if you were able to return it to me (and would happily compensate you beyond the direct cost of doing so). Knot your rope ends.

I'll save you the long-winded how/why/lessons/etc. post (the accident happened for all the usual reasons - changing plans, shorter than usual rope, forgetting to knot the ends, etc.) but here's a bit more info for the curious. Due to the unforcasted semi-freezing rain and encroaching nightfall, my partner and I decided to bail after I'd led the first pitch, and I got lowered off the end of my rope from ~15' up while cleaning.
I landed on my back on the small boulders at the base and got a nasty bruise but hopefully nothing more sinister. Due to how much the route meanders around slabby flakes, the rope got stuck when I tried to pull it. Because the route was soaked, and because it was already dark and nobody was in sight, it didn't seem super feasible to find another party willing to run up the route on their rope to get mine un-stuck. Accordingly, there's now a stuck rope on Dennis, and I'd massively appreciate it if whoever finds it would PM me about getting it back - if you're in NYC I'd be happy to meet you wherever is convenient (eg: Cliffs@LIC), and if you're elsewhere we could still figure something out (shipping, meet at the gunks, etc.). Either way, I'll happily give you $20 extra for the hassle of returning it.

Edit: I suppose I should also clarify that I likely crossed over onto Belly Roll at some point (the distinction after the initial 30' wasn't clear from the guidebook), and the tree anchor I made likely wasn't the right one for either route. Hopefully the rope is stuck on something below where I went off route.


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