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carpej · · Tokyo, Japan · Joined Sep 2015 · Points: 0

HI Just moved to Tokyo, looking for people to climb with. My japanese is weak so was hoping to find people through here. Anyone from Tokyo around here? Know the best gyms or groups (ideally ones who climb during day or morning)

Mrock87 · · Nashville TN · Joined Oct 2016 · Points: 0

I was in Tokyo last year for work for a few weeks. I couldn't find any roped climbing but sampled a few different bouldering spots. I enjoyed my trip to B-Pump.… It is easy to get to via the train and they were easy going about signing in. I think they had an English waiver and everything. Cost was average. The space is pretty cool, several floors of climbing with a few different styles of setting. I only went once so I can't say how often they change it.

Check your ego at the door. There was a old frail looking woman who looked like a strong breeze would knock her down climbing V6s like nothing.

There is also a wall at a 'fun center' near the Tokyo Dome. I would skip it. The wall is next to the bating cages and you had to use liquid chalk. If you are staying nearby maybe its worth a visit.…

Something different from most gyms I've been to in the USA is that you have to pay a registration fee. So swapping gyms can get pricey, or only going once and a while.

The best thing about climbing in Japan? Pounding beers and eating rice balls on the train after climbing. My local coworkers never seemed to enjoy train beers as much as the American team. I guess the novelty wears off when you can do it whenever.

carpej · · Tokyo, Japan · Joined Sep 2015 · Points: 0

Nice! Thank you that helps.
definately checking ego at door. I checked out T-Wall and was surprised at how hard the rating system was! felt like a newbie all over again which is awesome.

Tony Grant · · Unknown Hometown · Joined Feb 2016 · Points: 5

If you have difficulty finding a partner for the indoor wall, you could try going to Rocklands in Kasai (on the Tozai Line on the Tokyo metro). They have a couple of auto-belay machines with enough routes near them to justify a decent session. Rocklands usually opens at 10AM.

Enjoy your trip!

("10 Classic Alpine Climbs of Japan" - )

Halbert · · Unknown Hometown · Joined Jun 2011 · Points: 288

T wall is a great choice for both bouldering and route climbing. They have many different gyms in Tokyo you can go once you registered at T wall.
There is a meet group Tokyo climbing who meet regularly at T wall and organize outside trips also.
Another gym I can recommend is base camp by Yuji Hirayama. Mitake is nice for a day trip bouldering outdoors.

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