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Micro Traxion Width

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Wes Kunkel · · Little Rock · Joined Nov 2015 · Points: 35

How wide is the Micro Traxion where the carabiner goes through can someone mic one out into thousands of a inch. Or get me the how many 1/16 it takes on the side for clearance. I am going to eliminate ANY cross load in a top rope Solo set up using other hardware. Thanks

Jacob Krenn · · La Valle, WI · Joined Aug 2008 · Points: 120

I cannot give you a width for the carabiner hole, but, I can however tell you that cross-loading a mini or micro traction is something to legitimately be concerned about, and I would recommend using a carabiner that prevents cross loading (I.e.: DMM Belay Master). Also, please research these systems thoroughly before using them outdoors, and absolutely never rely solely on one device.

I am in no way suggesting you are incompetent, I'm merely passing on advice that was given to me when I first began my foray into TR soloing. There are many safe ways to TR solo, many devices to choose from, and many opinions you will hear regarding the matter. I'd recommend searching the MP Forums that already exist regarding this topic, and to rehearse whatever system you choose thoroughly in a controlled environment such as a garage or backyard tree beforehand. Ensure you feel solid escaping the system while dangling in space in the event that you need to descend before you reach the anchors.

I personally use mini/micro traxions, and would suggest these write-ups by Matt Samet and Steph Davis as a good intro.……

Sorry that I did not answer your actual question, and doubly sorry if I insulted your intentions. I hope you find a safe system that works well for you!

EDIT: I work as a field welder/fitter/millwright, and take part in heavy industrial lifts (frequently over 100,000 lbs). I use and trust screw-pin shackles in static lifting situations. However, given the type of movement created by a mini traxion as it travels/bounces up a rope in a TR solo situation, I wouldn't recommend using one unless the pin was welded shut or backed up with a keeper pin. I've seen shackle pins unscrew after repeated bouncing. A locking carabiner is much more ideal for this application. An anti cross-loading locker even more so. Just my two cents.

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