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Finger Injury: A2 strain? Crack but no pop. Just bruised?

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Peter Botsford · · Unknown Hometown · Joined Aug 2016 · Points: 0

Hello. I'm looking to see if anyone can help me to begin to understand the injury I sustained while climbing yesterday. I am currently 1 month in to a 4 month climbing trip and would be very disappointed if I needed to cease climbing for an extended period of time.

While climbing on some basalt at Smith Rock yesterday, I had my left hand middle and ring finger in a pocket as a threw to a next hold with my right hand. This move was a deadpoint for me and I failed in trying to gracefully remove my left hand fingers from the pocket as I threw upwards. My fingers, stuck in the pocket, got tweaked upwards and sideways. I heard a distinct cracking sound that sounded like a pretty typical knuckle cracking. My ring finger seemed to take most the shock.

My finger hurt i bit immediately but more pain, stiffness, and soreness began to set in over the next few hours. I quit climbing for the day. I iced it a couple times before going to bed. Didn't notice too much swelling last night but awoke this morning with bruising on the top of my hand at the base of my finger (the bottom knuckle, where this finger meets my hand.) My finger hurts around this same area (between the base of my finger and middle knuckle) especially so when I try to make a fist or curl my finger in towards my palm. I don't experience much pain when doing a crimping motion but do experience pain when wrapping my hand around something. I seem to still have full mobility but just with associated pain. Moving my finger side to side and upwards also result in pain in the bruised area and the space between the base and middle knuckle. Areas around here are also a bit tender to the touch.

I plan to take at least a week or 2 off from climbing and will try to find a doctor to visit within the next week. I'm just wondering what any of you all with more knowledge than I may think of what may have happened. I wasn't crimping at the time as it was a deep pocket and feel it's not an A2 pulley strain. I'm hoping its just bruising from tweaking/jamming my finger in strange directions and that I'll be able to start gently climbing again within the next couple weeks.

Thanks again in advance. Cheers.

Tyler Metheney · · St Louis · Joined Sep 2016 · Points: 0

Hey dude what ended up happening with this?

aileendaileen · · Unknown Hometown · Joined Mar 2015 · Points: 0

@tyler The majority of the pain went away within a week. Started climbing again after taking a week and a half off and had no issues while on the road climbing for the next few months. I'm guessing it was just a bad strain/jam with some bruising? Although I will say in really cold weather it bothers me a wee bit.. I always make sure to warm that hand and finger especially before pulling down. Cheers

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