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Anyone Injured the A2 Pulley in your THUMB?

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So I've been scouring the internet for the past 24 hours, but I can't find any articles/posts/etc from anyone who has torn the A2 pulley in their thumb. I'm curious as to whether anyone has had this happen to them or a friend, and what their experience was like?

I'm still in complete amazement that this happened to my thumb of all fingers, but it basically happened in the same way that you would expect it to happen to one of your 4 main fingers. I had my thumb hooked over the top of a sort of weirdly-oriented volume at my gym, then foot slipped and I felt a pop right as I started falling. I didn't hear a loud, blood-curdling pop like some people seem to, but I definitely felt it and was pretty sure I knew what had happened. I immediately stopped climbing, took a couple of Advil, and went home to ice it. (This was yesterday morning, by the way).

Now there's slight swelling, which I guess could also be bowstringing, but it's hard to distinguish between the two. The thumb isn't in excruciating pain, but if I try to curl it all the way to touch my palm, it starts hurting halfway through (to the point where I probably couldn't complete the full motion if I wanted to).

Anyway, I've digested just about all of the information I can find online about pulley injuries, but the thumb is obviously pretty unique in how its utilized for climbing/life in general, so I'm curious what the short- and long-term recovery process is like for it. My health insurance takes effect November 1, so at that point I can consider getting an MRI/Xray or whatever, but I want to be sure I'm doing the best I can to self-treat it for the next 3 weeks (goes without saying, I'm not climbing or gripping anything until then). Sorry for the long-winded post, anyone have any input?

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