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Micah Klesick · Sep 20, 2016 · Vancouver, WA · Joined Aug 2013 · Points: 3,989
Just looking to see what other LCO's or climbing groups have installed nest cameras in nests on climbing walls. We have the opportunity to do so, and looking to see what the best option is. Anyone have experience with that?

Old lady H · Sep 20, 2016 · Boise, Idaho · Joined Aug 2015 · Points: 40
I don't have direct experience with the camera itself, but we've had one operating each spring in downtown Boise for decades (high rise Peregrines). Try contacting The Peregrine Fund, which is both east and west coast, World Center for Birds of Prey, Boise, which operates world wide, and/or Idaho Department of Fish and Game. Peregrine cam Boise might also net who actually maintains it. Don't recall, off the top of my head. Good luck! These things are super fun to track. Helen

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