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Have one week in Colorado to boulder -- where to go?

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Joey Oros · · Dallas, TX · Joined Nov 2015 · Points: 0

Hey all,

A friend and I have a week off of work in late October and are planning on going to Colorado for a week of bouldering (hoping to hit 3-4 different areas w/ a few rest days in between) and are wondering what the best areas to hit in the state would be. Will have a car so traveling between areas shouldn't be too big of a problem. Been looking around mountainproj but there's just too much to pick from for 7 days. Just let me know what you think! Thanks.

Anthony · · Northern CO · Joined Apr 2014 · Points: 0

Non-boulderer here. Horsetooth Reservoir in Fort Collins is pretty rad. Expect to pay $5 for parking but tons of easily accesible, really fun problems. I hear a lot of good things about the 420's in Poudre canyon, outside Ft Collins up hwy 14, but I'm not strong enough to really enjoy myself there. Morrison has some easily accesible bouldering as well. Have fun and send hard!

Dan Cooksey · · Seattle, WA · Joined Jan 2014 · Points: 365

If it doesn't snow, definitely hit RMNP lower chaos and emerald lake or Mt. Evans (definitely check conditions for these). If you are hanging in the Boulder area, there is plenty to choose from, Flatirons, flagstaff, Boulder Canyon and El Dorado Canyon. A little farther north there is Poudre Canyon just west of Ft. Collins.

In the event Independence pass is open, its beautiful and there is amazing, practically roadside bouldering. Again check conditions sometimes the road will stay open till November 1st.

Down south there are some great Boulders at elevenmile canyon as well as Newlin Creek Farther South.

If you find yourself in the Southwest corner, the best Bouldering is in Durango IMO.

Front Range Bouldering
RMNP/Mt. Evans Bouldering
Independence Pass Bouldering

There is a Colorado bouldering book but its not as good as the 3 individuals I mentioned above.

If you choose to head south on the front range, colorado springs area, PM me and I can give you some beta on a few areas not in books.

Enjoy and have a good time.

OrganicChemistry · · Tucson · Joined Jun 2016 · Points: 95

Hartman Rocks (Gunnison)
Eleven Mile
Boulder Canyon

should be a good week

Crazymonkey · · Unknown Hometown · Joined Jul 2014 · Points: 154

recently just went to Grand Junction Unaweep canyon, 9 mile boulders early August on my way into Utah. Pretty far west idk what you are thinking about the drive, but all BLM land out there after the cattle crossings on nine mile road and the approaches are super quick and have very well made trails. Finding documented stuff on this area is kinda wonky so idk i didn't buy the book and only spent 2 days there climbing on the crazy diamond boulder, mask of zoro. There is just so much here that its overwhelming where to start, but i think they do a decent job for some quick classics on here and getting the majority of areas.

I was literally just bouldering up in independence pass colorado, which would be approachable from the glenwood springs on the way back to denver from Grand Junction. It is cold here and you can camp for free off lincoln creek road. the Ute mountaineering shop in aspen has the book for sale, but its just meh, more for sport climbers but nice to cross reference with the approaches. check for the pass closing though cause it is approaching that time of year for this to close so read up.

On my way back from Utah last summer i bouldered in rotary park in (i believe don't quote me, and correct me if I'm wrong) horse tooth resevoir. i didn't venture into poudre canyon but there are some classics up there mentioned by Oros already, I'm just not a big fan of paying to use a park and also paying for camping, i try to keep the costs low and its relatively hard to find anything where you can camp/climb as close as you want without paying a pretty penny IMO in CO.

The above information is only from my experiences, but honestly i just boulder so i did a lot of research ahead of time and pretty much through a dart at the map and went with it. Colorado bouldering, but i think i was spoiled in Utah. pm me if you need some help!

Andreas Slette · · Unknown Hometown · Joined Nov 2015 · Points: 5

i would like to second horsetooth, 420s, chaos canyon (upper or lower), emerald lake, and Mt Evans. some really rad boulders at each of those places. and all pretty reasonably located around FoCo

Climb Soft Spray Hard · · Colorado Springs · Joined Oct 2015 · Points: 108

I'm not much of a boulderer but Newline Creek is supposed to have some good stuff. RMNP / Mt. Evans are supposed to be great but kind of a pain to get to anything.

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