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Compression sleeve for climbers elbow recommendation?

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moreannefrank · · Unknown Hometown · Joined Apr 2015 · Points: 0

Looking to purchase a compression sleeve as i sometimes suffer from medial epicondyle tendonitis.

Has anyone purchased one they felt worked well?

Preferably more basic colored and none of that copper laced junk

Dan Friedman · · Boulder, CO · Joined Aug 2009 · Points: 55

I've suffered from the same issue, tried a compression sleeve and it did nothing, and every article/medical professional told me the same thing.

I know this doesn't answer your question, but figured I'd share what did work for me..

- Bought a therabar and learned how to do the 'tyler twist' - look it up on youtube, simple exercise.

- Followed the 'dodgy elbows' routine - easy to find online, simple exercises

- I got an armaid. may not have really helped but certainly felt nice.

I stopped climbing altogether for a couple months and focused on those three things and when I came back was careful to ease into it and always warm up very slowly and it has been an afterthought. Hope this helps!

JoshL · · Unknown Hometown · Joined Oct 2012 · Points: 26

I know this will sound counterintuitive, but the best advice would be to start doing some opposition training if you aren't already doing so. I assume you go to a climbing gym, so start a routine of doing some sets of opposition work outs after climbing including: push ups, dumb bell presses, reverse curls (not sure if that's what they are called), etc. After a month or two you may even notice an improvement in your climbing.

The compression sleeve is just going to mask the symptoms, but not solve your issue. This would also be a good time to incorporate a core workout if you aren't already doing so as well.

Matt Himmelstein · · Orange, California · Joined Jun 2014 · Points: 125

Go to a doc or a physical therapist and get yourself fixed. Sleeves are OK for keeping a joint warm, but they are not going to help alleviate the condition or keep it from getting worse. There are some braces that can be used to support/shorten the tendons, but they are more common for tennis elbow, not golfer's elbow.

Alex Rogers · · Sydney, Australia · Joined Sep 2010 · Points: 40

I'm doing tyler twist exercises with flexbar too, and it is proving effective in controlling my LATERAL epicondylitis. Not sure what is recommended for medial.

Dan Friedman · · Boulder, CO · Joined Aug 2009 · Points: 55
Alex Rogers wrote:I'm doing tyler twist exercises with flexbar too, and it is proving effective in controlling my LATERAL epicondylitis. Not sure what is recommended for medial.
You just twist the opposite direction, works great for both!
Tylerpratt · · Litchfield, Connecticut · Joined Feb 2016 · Points: 35

Put a rubber band on the outside of your fingers and spread/extend the fingers out.

Mark NH · · 03053 · Joined Feb 2013 · Points: 0

I've had chronic lateral for about 18 months. Massage, Thera bar Tyler twists, power putty, acupuncture, dry needling, stretches, etc all helped. The only thing that really got me on the path to healing was giving up the "grip" activities - climbing and mountain biking.

Almost four months now and I'm pretty much back to normal. When I do climb again it will be easy so as to not re-injure.

Also, I've been told by doctors and physical therapists to completely avoid "all or nothing" exercises like push ups, etc.

As for a brace - check out DonJoy.

trevor stuart · · Aurora, Colorado · Joined Mar 2014 · Points: 105

Sports authority has some good ones

I also recommend Curcumin. I used to get tendinitis and haven't since I started taking it twice a day, everyday.

Superclimber · · Unknown Hometown · Joined Mar 2009 · Points: 1,435

Sleeves and such didn't do anything for me either.

Climb Germany · · Unknown Hometown · Joined Mar 2015 · Points: 2,525

I cant comment on effectiveness or any of the injury/pain part. THe only place I know making climber specific sleeves is this German company

It's not meant for pain, but rather the same idea as socks for runners. Maybe it's interesting for someone...

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