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Fixe PLX HCR - "New"? Metal as alt to Titanium?

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Jim Titt wrote:

Most of us making bolts just work on no adhesion taking place at all and the testing labs use this principle as well, if there´s no mechanical keying they reject the design.

So in other words, you need mechanical keying for the bolt to stay in... which is exactly the point I was trying to make. If an installer goes out and buy some stainless round stock, bends it into a U shape and installs it into the rock, the epoxy will likely not stick. That's the more relevant point I am trying to make. I am aware that it's possible to modify the bolt in a way that allows the epoxy to stick. I am also aware that every test I've ever seen shows that to be a far less reliable method than actually keying the bolt. Ultimately, anyone that knows both pieces of that information likely is not reading this thread so we are left with those who are reading it which are more likely to be people who think epoxy is a glue and it just sticks to everything, which it doesent.

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If you purchased FIXE PLX-HCR hardware and have subsequently placed it on a climbing route, you may be questioning whether it is safe to leave in place. According to FIXE, corrosion is most likely to happen if the rock type and environment are susceptible to Stress Corrosion Cracking (SCC).

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