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La Sportiva Ski boot Questions

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Andrew Blease · · Bartlett, NH · Joined Apr 2010 · Points: 480

Does anyone have experience with La Sportiva Ski boots? I'm in the market for a new AT boot this winter and am interested in the Spitfire. I'm open to other boot suggestions as well. Specifically I'd like to know about crampon fit, and how wide a ski you think the boot is capable of driving.

Keatan · · Bozeman, MT · Joined Apr 2011 · Points: 20

I skied the Spectre all last season but didn't get out a whole lot (30-40 days), I know they are similar to the Spitfire but beefier so maybe my insight will help.

Crampons- great fit with Petzl Lynx and BD Neve, if I remember correctly the Petzl fit a little better. These climbed ice decently well.

Ski width- This all depends on lateral stiffness which new touring boots all seem to have plenty of. I regularly skied 186 Voile Busters (120 underfoot) without a booster strap and felt absolutely fine in most conditions.

Sportiva boots in general- The fit of mine are a bit low volume for me and I've had to do a bit of boot work. Overall I feel like the quality of the boots have been sub-par with lots of little minor issues coming up, probably will be going back to Scarpas soon. Dynafits are a great option....if they fit you.

Doug Hutchinson · · Seattle, WA · Joined Apr 2014 · Points: 95

I have never used the Spectres but I have used the Spitfires for the past two winters and like them somewhat (grade of B or B+). I would have preferred the Dyna TLT5/6s but they were too narrow for my feet. I consider the Spitfires the wider alternative to TLT6s - but they have very little market share. The Spectres are a beefier boot for sure.

Regarding the Spitfires, I would say they can drive a shorter ski up to maybe 110 waist, but they are relatively soft so sub 100mmm would be better. They are light, have a great range of motion, and climb well - no problems with crampon fit (I have used a few different pairs on them). I have had problems with the male metal piece of the lean lock mechanism cracking and thus not getting the boot into ski mode. I had warranty repaired once and I am getting close to sending in again. In general, I found the Spitfire V1.0 to be a little cheaply made and I have a friend who has had found his Spectres V1.0 to breakdown quickly too. (I own three Sportiva products and I have had quality problems with them all so maybe it is just me vs Sportiva).

I assume the OP has a deal with Sportiva. If I were in the market for a new AT boots that climbs well (which, come to think of it, I am); I would go ArcTeryx Procline. I used them last season for a few days and was completely sold. They are so dialed from the fit and finish department, ski almost as well as Scarpa Masterales, and have an incredible both fore/aft and side to side range of motion. They were originally intended to be a climbing boot that skis, but I feel they are really a ski boot that can climb. If there are no QC problems, I assume the Proclines will be a game changer for both AT skiers and climbers this season and beyond.

Andrew Blease · · Bartlett, NH · Joined Apr 2010 · Points: 480

Thanks for all the great info! I'm really trying to decide between the TLT 6 or the Procline. If the Procline skis closely to the Maestrale then it probably pretty good. Do you think it will work with my 100mm planks until I can get something narrower?

NorCalNomad · · San Francisco · Joined Oct 2011 · Points: 105

Skied the Spectre a bit. Really fantastic boot for both skiing and hiking, but it don't fit my foot well so I sold it off. I REALLY wished that it'd fit my foot better so I could have kept it.

Meet an IFMGA guide a few years back who fucking loved them and said it was the only boot that he can easily drive a car in, and ski well.

Also go over to TGR and ask this.

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