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Questions for trip to Thailand

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TWS Schmidt · · Sacramento, California · Joined Apr 2014 · Points: 0

I am going solo to Thailand for the first time 11/16-12/15. Here is my initial itinerary ideas:

Arrive Bangkok 11/16 9pm
Fly to Chiang Mai 11/17 (9 days)
Fly to Krabi-Tonsai 11/26ish (14 days)
to ?? 12/10
Fly to BKK 12/13 am
Fly out BKK 12/15 8am

Does this sound like enough/not too much time in each place? Other places to go?
I've heard both sides of Chiang Mai vs Tonsai. Still debating on how to split the time. The more I read, the more I think I should stay longer in Chiang Mai (better food, cheaper, less tourist, Jira Homestay sounds awesome) Thoughts?

Sounds like the weather is usually better in the north in November, so I thought I would go to Chiang Mai first, then Tonsai. I know there is a partner board at the gym in Chiang Mai. Think it will be pretty easy to find a partner there (I will have gear and hoping to climb up to 5.11) or is it much easier in Tonsai and where I could probably find someone to travel north with?

Tonsai - Chill out Bungalows or ?? I'm reading mixed reviews. Is it loud at night at Chill out from the music? Thoughts on staying in the dormitories here?
Should I reserve lodging in Tonsai now for the entire time?

tshapiro1182 · · Carpinteria, CA · Joined Oct 2014 · Points: 0

sounds like a good amount of time in each place.

Both are awesome for different reasons and I imagine you'll enjoy the contrast

Three other places to consider:


(certainly worth 2-4 days if you have time in the agenda, about an hour and half from bangkok)

- cool spire in Lopburi

(7 pitches of sport to a spectacular summit, makes a fantastic day). You can get beta for this from the folks at Nam Pha Pa Yai

- Koh Yao Noi

(very cool island with a few spectacular, empty crags)

In Chiang Mai Jira is the best, but it's only for access to the crags. Might be worth a day or two in the city proper to enjoy the culture there.

Don't worry about lodging in Tonsai - there are about 30 places scattered around with lodging, you can walk around and see what you like best. It's worth sorting out which walls you plan to climb as there are lodging options all over the peninsula depending on where you want to be.

feel free to PM me if you have more questions

You can also message the folks at Basecamp tonsai, they're really helpful

TWS Schmidt · · Sacramento, California · Joined Apr 2014 · Points: 0

Awesome, thanks!

So I won't have a problem finding decent, cheap lodging in Tonsai if I wait until I arrive there? December is the beginning of their high season.

derek c. · · slc utah · Joined Oct 2012 · Points: 0

If you wanna save some money I would look into some of the other transportation options as well. The trains are cheap and pretty quick. Flying down south is probably the best option though. We had no issue finding a place to stay but that was a couple years ago.

tshapiro1182 · · Carpinteria, CA · Joined Oct 2014 · Points: 0

arrived there last year on December 19th and there were rooms available at every single guest house. I can't imagine you'll have a problem as long as you don't mind spending 20-30 minutes walking around.

local transport is possible but the flights are significantly faster and still only $30-$40 in most cases. To me it's always worth the cost for an extra half-day of climbing

Yevgeniy Shvartsman · · Unknown Hometown · Joined Feb 2014 · Points: 5

Hey TWS,

I am actually planning a similar trip around the same time frame. The difference being that I think I'll start out in the South and then go to Chiang Mai in December. Do you know why the weather is better in the north in November? I might switch my plans around.

What kind of gear are you bringing with you? I am still trying to decided whether to get a 60m or 70m rope. Probably gonna bring about 14 or so draws.

Also if you want to try and meet up for some climbing let me know, I think we are about the same skill level (I climb in the 5.10s and project 5.11s outside)


TWS Schmidt · · Sacramento, California · Joined Apr 2014 · Points: 0

From what I have read the weather is usually hotter and wetter in the south in November and improves significantly in December. I'm bringing a 70m. I'll send you a pm...

Helen L · · Toronto, Canada · Joined Sep 2016 · Points: 206

Hi, just wondering how much the flights cost, as I am going to be doing long trips across the country too, and while I know the train rides are cheap and pretty comfortable (I once took took an overnight train in 2nd class from Bangkok to Surat Thani, I believe it was), I wouldn't mind saving time if it is not too expensive.

Curious about the cost of these one way flights:
Krabi - Chiang Mai
Chiang Mai - Bangkok

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