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new ideas on elbow tendon problems

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1) Saw a note about elbow tendons in recent magazine for climbers, which suggested that rather than just doing those exercises from videos on the web, first find out which kind of elbow tendon you've got.
. (actually Dave MacLeod said this earlier in his great book Make or Break, and gave more detail. But how many climbers nowadays would ever purchase or read a print book?
So it's noteworthy that this idea of ... Careful diagnosis before elbow treatment program ... has now appeared in a magazine.

2) article "Tennis Elbow No Such Thing as a Quick Fix" by Gretchen Reynolds on August 25.
. . Climbers usually get "golfer's elbow" instead of tennis elbow, but lots of people think they're similar -- so maybe there are some lessons from a six-month study of three groups:

  • main theme was about cortizone shots not so helpful in the longer run - (? maybe the group which instead did massage + special exercises produced better 6-month outcome ?)
  • most tennis elbow injuries do not have much inflammation - (? so I guess not really tendon-itis ?).
  • funny there was a third group in the study which did no specific treatment at all, and after six months their elbows turned out just as well as the group which did special exercises.
"... the cheapest and most efficacious treatment for tennis elbow could turn out to be time."

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