Draws taken off the white wall at The Pit

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I left the 2nd, 3rd and 4th draw on total recall at the pit on Aug. 27th because it got dark and I was coming back the next day anyway. When I came back on the 28th around 12:30 someone had taken the 2nd and 3rd draw. I felt crazy for a second, their... their gone! The missing draws were a thin bone, orange black diamond and a short petzl djinn. The 4th was still hanging, I guess this person didn't want to part with any of their own gear as I foolishly had done. I know this is my damn fault, the pit is a pretty popular place so I should have expected something like this to happen but the whole thing just left me feeling a little bummed out. I mean its one thing if you booty a draw that was obviously used to bail on and it was there for while but 3 draws in a row!? And it happened in less than 18 hours, 10 of which were dark! Also, after overhearing my obvious displeasure of the situation, someone mentioned to me that they had seen someone aiding up my draws earlier in the day. They didn't get a good look but said it looked a little out of place.

Look, I understand the lure of free gear dangling on a wall but common, don't be a jerk. Use common sense and seriously, if your at a sport climbing crag and you cant climb up to the gear with your hands, sure as hell don't aid up it and take stuff unless its yours! Anyway, if you feel like you might have been a character in this little story you can leave the draws somewhere secret and message me their location. That would be cool, Thanks!

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Sorry about your draws dude. People need to learn that taking draws is theft.

In this case, it sounds like the thieves weren't even interested in climbing the route (aiding up your draws, using the last one to bail).

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Another: mountainproject.com/v/draws...

Maybe the mods can create a master thread: Left my shit on a route and it's gone now.

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1 Jackson in the bank.

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Still do not understand why other climbers feel this is okay. Even if you ethically disagree with it, theft is theft.

Would these same people steal $20 out of your car if your windows where down?

Sorry to year your draws were taken. The college students are back in town this week.

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Bummer. Best of luck getting them back. As usual the pro bootie crowd takes no prisoners regardless of the circumstances.

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It's quite simple: leave stuff on a climb and it may or may not be there when you return. Project draws are a risk - some people leave them, others see them as booty.

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Yeah that Chris Kalous article is pretty right on. The asshole/not an asshole thing was pretty much exactly my take. Really I'm not even mad, its its more of a motherly disappointed thing in peoples attitudes around climbing. Taking shit thats not yours is an asshole thing to do. The thread was more about that than getting the draws back anyway. Unfortunately, Joseph Crotty is probably right.

And for the record, sport climbing wasn't invented fucking yesterday! Its pretty common practice that people leave draws on their projects. Its just a select few who don't get it or just choose not too. Read the Chris Kalous article, he puts it pretty plainly!

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MarcYY wrote: Would these same people steal $20 out of your car if your windows where down?
Funny you make that comparison, I left a 20 dollar bill at the base of this exact climb overnight for safe keeping, but when I returned two days later it was G..O..N..E GONE!! I couldn't believe that someone would just think its okay to take my hard earned money like that.
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Full circle. People who steal draws are not going to change. People who leave project draws are going to leave project draws. Oh well. Doesn't mean that it isn't an asshole thing to do. We all have a different line that we would cross. Difference between ethics and law.

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Quicklinks and a wrench? Thats what i do to mine.

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Early birdasshole and the worm.

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MarcYY wrote:http://www.splitterchoss.com/2011/01/06/the-only-rule-dont-be-an-hole/
How have I never seen this before?! This is awesome.
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Rob Warden, Space Lizard wrote:Quicklinks and a wrench? Thats what i do to mine.

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Every time this thread pops up there is a slew of climbers arguing how it's unethical and acting totally surprised this happened. Seriously? I think the vast majority of people that post the "leave your stuff and the crag and some one will take it" comments agree it's unethical and stealing. However, there is always some jerk that doesn't share your ethos in life and will gladly pocket your draws. Unfortunately, draws will keep disappearing and we will keep having to listen to the same comments over and over. It really is like leaving 20 bucks out. You might not feel it's ethical to take it, your friends might not think its ethical to take it, but there are loads of people that just don't care and also climb.

Guideline #1: Don't be a jerk.

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