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New to Boston - looking for climbers to go outside! :) trad, sport, boulder

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Melinda Ching · · Boston, MA · Joined Jul 2015 · Points: 228

Hi there,

My name is Melinda and I just moved here from San Diego and I'm looking for some people to climb with in Boston. I went to school here a few years ago and just moved back for a teaching program and grad program.

I love all types of rock climbing, although I will say that I think I'm more of a rope climber. Bouldering is a ton of fun-I just tend to get hurt doing it :P. I lead sport climb around the 11's and occasional 12a/b. The 12's are more projects for me though. I boulder around V4/5. And I just started trad climbing and crack climbing this year! Super excited, and have a rack too. But I'm also looking forward to gaining some more experience in trad climbing. The hardest I've led in trad was an 11a in Joshua Tree-but that was unusual. Most other things I've tried are in the 10 and below range for trad.

Anyways, if you're ever looking for a climbing partner, I'd love to get together to get outside, or climb at the gym. I'm a member at Central Rock now! :)


Rosalieva · · southshore MA · Joined Jul 2014 · Points: 5

Pmed you

Charlie Proctor · · Somerville, MA · Joined Apr 2016 · Points: 45

PM sent

Spencer Ringwood · · Somerville, MA · Joined Aug 2016 · Points: 0

Hi Melinda,

Im also a member at Central Rock and I'm looking for a regular gym buddy, so let me know when you're available and maybe we can find time that works for both of us. I'm also in this forum because I'd like to start following trad leads. I realize you're looking for more experience leading trad, so maybe this is a good opportunity for both of us. I have a small rack consisting of a set of nuts, C4s in .4-1, runners and biners, in addition to a 60m rope, 35m static rope, lockers, cord, webbing etc. I'd estimate 5.9 outdoor, maybe more like 5.10-11 indoor.



FY · · Boston, MA · Joined Jun 2011 · Points: 25

Hi Melinda (and anyone else looking for a partner),

Coming to Boston at the end of this month and also looking for partners. I do a bit of everything but I don't have any trad gear with me - been living overseas and haven't brought anything back yet, but I do have sport gear. I have climbed a bit harder but I hope that doesn't matter at a sport crag. I'd be psyched for some nice routes at cathedral and cannon cliff with your gear too, if you don't mind. i have done a fair amount of trad/alpine so I am happy to share my experience if you are looking to gain some. I may also have a car soon but I am in the process of sorting this out. I have lived in Boston in the past as I have family jere, so I know the area more or less. Which central rock gym do you use? I see some good rates on Groupon!


Benjamin Mitchell · · Unknown Hometown · Joined Mar 2016 · Points: 0

Hey, I'm also looking for people to climb with in the Boston area. I'm hoping to go to Rumney this weekend and Cathedral the weekend after that, and I'm trying to find people to lead with in the gym. I have a car and plenty of gear and I'm solid at 5.9 trad and 5.10 sport but I'd be willing to get on harder routes. Send me a PM if you want to climb!

Jimmy Downhillinthesnow · · Bozeman, Montana · Joined Mar 2013 · Points: 10

Anybody looking for a mainly weekday partner feel free to PM me. I'm from the Northwest, but live in Somerville and I've got the gear. All the gear, except if you really love to grovel up off-width. Usually onsight 10+/11- sport, 10- trad. North Conway, Rumney, Farley, Shagg--I'm game, except I try not to participate in the Rumney circus on nice weekends.


FY · · Boston, MA · Joined Jun 2011 · Points: 25

Hi James - you should let me know when you have some free time. I will be in Boston the day after tomorrow, no US phone yet but a message should reach my email.

Melinda Ching · · Boston, MA · Joined Jul 2015 · Points: 228

Hey all,

sorry if I've been bad at responding. I try to get out every weekend, and also have a good amount of gear. I've been climbing at CRG (I've been guest passed to BKB a few times). I'd love to get to Watertown more for ropes, but I've been going more to Cambridge lately. I usually can climb indoors Tue and Wed and sometimes Mon and Fri.

Thanks for the messages! I've enjoyed meeting new people :)


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