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Can the page edit process be improved?

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Robert Karl · · Pasadena, CA · Joined Mar 2016 · Points: 93

Hi, avid MP user here. Started using the site within the last year and love it, so much good information.

That said I think there is huge room for improvement with respect to users making edits to the site. I'd like to draw comparisons to Stack Overflow and Wikipedia, sites I've been improving for the better part of a decade. With both of these sites users make changes that are reflected immediately, and if there is a problem, moderators roll back the changes.

On MP if I find a typo or inconsistency, I am required to fill out a form, which emails someone unknown (a global site admin? the page owner?), exposes my personal email address to them, and then who sometime later might approve the edit or might not because they missed the email or they're busy. So there are three problems that when combined make it unlikely for me to correct errors or improve the site:

1) Very real possibility that my time will be wasted and the edit won't take place
2) Wiki-style or markdown editor doesn't exist, so editing is error prone and it's not clear how text formatting/styling/inline images work
3) More of a minor concern, but a potential privacy concern about sharing my email address every time I make an edit

I'd love to make MP a better place rather than complain, so in summary:

1) How do you, other MP users, suggest I go about making improvements?
2) Is there a process for applying to become an admin of crags I visit often? This seems like overkill
3) Is there work being done to allow any user to make changes, or at least correct minor problems like rampant spelling, capitalization, and grammar problems? My assumption is that this caused big problems in the past and was removed.


- Robert

Ron Birk · · Boston, MA · Joined Sep 2009 · Points: 3,467

I agree with your observations and it has bugged me too. Many time you see simple typos, spelling in name of the routes or small inconsistencies with how other areas do it and lots of other little things. It would be nice to just be able to edit/help out. I have sometimes used the "improve this page" feature, but it's a long process and doesn't always work out so successfully. Sometimes I just given up..

There are of course bigger changes one can do to the whole page, description, adding variations and what not. A history for changes for this and other reasons is a major feature. When editing a page alone, I always worried something will go wrong and whoops, all the content just disappeared and you can not go back to the previous version. So that is useful for more than one reason.

I'm sure the owners of this site are fully aware of all this and they are also working on a new version (not sure if it's only the app or the web site too). So I won't expect much changes here in the near term on the existing app/web site. I am however looking forward to the new versions!

grog m aka Greg McKee · · Unknown Hometown · Joined Aug 2012 · Points: 70

Paging Nick Wilder for input

Nick Wilder · · The Bubble · Joined Jan 2005 · Points: 2,420

I've been reading this (and past threads on similar topics) but don't have a great answer. We have a enough occasions of willful destruction that we'd need a very good difference/rollback system. And a system that lets either the crowd (or an admin) approve changes. And there are a lot of opinions in descriptions, and the comments are a better place to leave different experiences rather than re-write the official description, which will be tempting for many folks.

So I hope we can make the "Improve Page" system better... but going to full wikipedia-style might be pretty hard for us. But not impossible... this will get a lot of thought in 2017 when we hire a new engineer to rewrite this entire site.

A few direct answers:

  • wysiwyg editing will be coming
  • "Improve Pages" suggestions go first to the original submitter, then to the local admin, and finally to someone that works for Mountain Project if nobody deals with it after some number of days. It may take a while, but they do not go ignored.
  • we're open to taking more admins for states/countries that have none, or where a particular admin may have burned out (it's a lot of work!).
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