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A Granite Guide

Tommy Barker · · Unknown Hometown · Joined Sep 2013 · Points: 75

Sfotex makes a great point. Also I don't know about rakkup but there are a ton of climbs in there that aren't on mountain project or anywhere else I've looked.

Cassidy Thomas · · Salt Lake City, UT · Joined Jul 2016 · Points: 30
Charlie S wrote: Someone correct me if I'm wrong. Since the last edition of the Ruckman guidebook (1998), LCC has seen massive route development as compared to BCC. And rightly so. The stomping grounds of LCC are incredible for a "scruffy" area. One of the authors has put a significant amount of effort into Hellgate. And it's kind of cool to see the newer stuff which has been put in since 1998. Additionally, the book, while mostly granite, really covers the canyons Ferguson, Little Cottonwood, and Bells, with cirques Big Willow and Lone Peak. That's a significant chunk of rock! The book is beautiful and has some really cool color-coding route mapping. It does what a guidebook is supposed to: document routes, apt descriptions for approaches and routes, and most importantly inspire the reader to get out there and climb!
I don't even bother with the Ruckman book anymore. I come from an area where the MP pages are underdeveloped and the guide books are spot on. I assumed it would be similar here. I got it when I came to college thinking it would be a good guide to introduce me to the area (and it probably was when it first came out), but it probably only has a quarter of the stuff I have climbed in the Cottonwoods, if that.
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r-simmons wrote: If you don't want the weight Rakkup App is a great alternative. The app is free and you can download BCC and LCC for FREE until 9/30/16. It has GPS navigation so I didn't waste time getting to the actual climb. Had an awesome weekend climbing! So easy to use. Would love to hear if anyone else has tried it or plans to before end of the month. Here is the link if anyone is interested.
Holy crap,
r-simmons(T. Calderone). Glad to see you just joined MP yesterday so you could come on here and spray that garbage LCC book. Seriously, what will it take for you to get the hint that you are not wanted around here?
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So... Any rumors about A Quartzite Guide coming out in the future?

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And a choss guide that covers City Creek, Mill Creek, and Emigration canyons.

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