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Whenever I buy a couple slings I usually try to get something different than what I've already got, just for variety, and to see different products. These slings weren't quite what I expected, so I thought I'd post a quick review to let other's know.

First of all, here are the slings I purchased:

I bought two of the 60cm, and two of the 30cm.

The main differences from most slings I'm used to is the sling material itself. I'm used to smooth finished webbing, but the sling webbing material is ribbed, like you'd find in mil-spec bulk webbing. If you look closely at the picture you can see this. This ribbed construction also makes the sling fairly stiff. When held under it's own weight it will form a very distinct oval shape, instead of just hanging straight down, slack. This may make it more difficult to work with, or rack (other than over the shoulder). I'm hoping with use they will soften up.

Other than the stiffness, the slings are well made, and priced right. The 16mm thickness does reduce physical bulk a bit over the 18mm Metolius and BD slings I've used, although the stiffness may make them more unwieldy when not worn over the shoulder. They are also rated to 25kN - actually stronger than the BD and Metolius slings (not that the 3kN difference really matters).

I haven't used them to extend a placement yet, but don't anticipate any problems.

I'll try to post some pictures later.

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Your description reminds me a bit of these:

Sure isn't fast and light, but the 240cm have served me well for many a top rope :)

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