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Hello everyone sorry if this is a stupid question. I just started climbing and I am learning as much as I can but I have a question that I cant seem to find in books or searching the net and get vague responses when I ask. Basically, if I leave my 7mm cord tied in a loop with a double fisherman or my webbing tied in a loop with a water knot like in storage will that cause problems down the road? I have read how knots weaken material so if I just leave the cord or webbing pre tied in a loop and just keep it like that will it weaken my cord or webbing after a while?

Does anyone just keep their cord or webbing pre tied in a loop and just leave it that way or should I be untying the knots after I'm done with the climbing for the day?

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Knots weaken webbing and cord under loads, not due to wear over time. It's fine to leave them tied; just check regularly to make sure they're snug, have adequate tails, and are there's no excessive wear or damage.

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Leave them tied. It doesn't cause any problem, and constantly re-tying them could conceivably pose an issue if you get careless even one time and screw it up. So tie 'em properly in the comfort of the living room, bounce 'em just a bit to snug the knot up, and go about your business.

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