Flagstaff Climbunity Trail Day @ The Pit - June 25th 2016

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Flagstaff Climbunity Trail Day

Join The US Forest Service and the Flagstaff Community for a trail day at The Pit on June 25th from 8am- 1pm.

Calling all Climbers!!

Changes are afoot! The current parking area at Canyon Vista Campground is going to be closed to climbers and all day users coming soon! A new parking lot has been established and its time to prepare the new trail head.

The USFS has worked hard to find a new location that will keep parking issues on Lake Mary to a minimum and provide a large area for busy parking days. The new trailhead will be located to the West of the current location and will actually put climbers and users closer to the climbing area of The Pit!

The goal of the trail day is to prepare the new parking area by lining the area with a new fence system, prepare and install new trailhead signage and info signage, and do a general area cleanup.

The American Alpine Club will be providing Biffs Coffee and Bagels at the new trailhead location from 8am - 830am. Bring a cup and get prepped for a half day of community service!

Project Orientation begins at 830am with The US Forest Service. Projects will last until 1pm. Any participant under age of 18 will need a signed waiver from the USFS at location.

More info coming soon....
J. Snyder · · Flagstaff, Arizona · Joined May 2011 · Points: 3,320

Flagstaff Trail Day happening this Saturday, June 25th! Time to give back to the crag we all use and love.

I have had the chance to get out to the new location with The USFS and it is going to be far better and more convenient for climbers. There will be a large area that will be able to host more cars than the current location. There is a great view from the parking lot of The Pit of the climbing as well as lots of open space for dogs etc. to not bother camp ground visitors or hosts! I was able to make it from the new trailhead to the decent into the cannon in 6 minutes, making it actually closer to the climbing than the current parking at the campground!


We will be meeting at the new trailhead entrance location at 8a for a Biffs Bagel and Coffee fuel up. At 830a USFS will give an orientation and project talk. The main goal is to create a parking area and install a few trailhead signs.

The New Trailhead Location:

The new Pit and Sandys Canyon Trail head is located just west on Lake Mary Rd. from the current parking at Canyon Vista Campground. When driving out Lake Mary Rd. look for the dirt road just after the Hecketthorn neighborhood. If you make it to the current parking you have gone too far. We will be meeting here (just for the trail day) and walking into the work area.

Big thanks to The AAC for providing breakfast and coffee. I also will have a crag pack, quick draws, and other items from CAMP to give out to lucky participants!

J. Snyder · · Flagstaff, Arizona · Joined May 2011 · Points: 3,320

Here is the USFS map to find the new Sandys Canyon Trailhead. See you out there Saturday. Bagels and coffee at 8a. Project orientation begins at 830a and last until 1p.

USFS Map of new Sandys Canyon T.H.

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Hey Jeff-

Can you get an administrator to update the map on the Routes page for the Pit "how to get there" Cheers.


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