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Wind River Conditions

Arlo F Niederer · · Colorado Springs, CO · Joined Mar 2009 · Points: 460

Just returned last Monday from southern Winds. There was little to no smoke down there.

The fires are up north - Lava Mountain west of Dubois and Cliff Creek in the Wyoming Range south of Jackson. There was smoke at the north end of the Green River Basin when we drove out of Big Sandy.

Some of the CDT was closed in the northern Winds due to the fires.

Here's a nasa satellite photo which shows them well

Gary Dunn · · Baltimore · Joined Nov 2006 · Points: 35

We went in via the Ink Wells Trail on Monday and came out on Saturday morning. There was a ton of smoke in Crowheart, but it went away quickly. Occasionally we could smell smoke, and could see haze in the distance. Overall it wasn't bad. The bugs were SUPER tame too....

the museum · · Rapid City, SD · Joined Sep 2009 · Points: 145

We returned from Bonneville Basin area on Saturday July 30. weather was nice, creeks fairly low, quite buggy when not windy and very very smokey on two days. Visibility less than 4 miles on those days. climbing was great and we did have a great time..

the museum


Middle Fork July 27

And view south to East Fork Valley July 26

South into East Fork Valley

Alex M. Smith · · Bozeman, MT · Joined Feb 2012 · Points: 95

Anyone been in to the cirque recently? Just curious on snow conditions!

DavisMeschke Guillotine · · Armchair Asshole · Joined Oct 2013 · Points: 225

It's August brotha.

Sam Lewando · · Unknown Hometown · Joined Feb 2016 · Points: 0

Headed into the cirque tomorrow, anyone know what the bugs and/or smoke are like?

Gary Stoker · · Unknown Hometown · Joined Dec 2015 · Points: 215

I was in the winds this past Saturday and Sunday out by Senaca lake, some mesquitos and Flys but not really that bad, nothing like July. I didn't see or smell any smoke.

dreed05 · · Unknown Hometown · Joined Dec 2011 · Points: 100

Planning a trip in the cirque for last week of august/1st of september. I've heard mixed things about weather being a toss-up around that time. Should I plan for possible snow, or can I expect generally good but cool weather?

Sam Lightner, Jr. · · Lander, WY · Joined Apr 2006 · Points: 2,386

ALWAYS plan for snow.

Michael Holland · · Lander, WY · Joined Jun 2012 · Points: 5

So... anyone want to climb brown cow and black elk over three days?

hike in aug 22nd, hike out the 25th?


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