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Ron Birk · · Boston, MA · Joined Sep 2009 · Points: 3,467

I saw there was a new revised (2016) edition of the Trapps guidebook (D Williams) that is blue. I didn't have much time browsing through it, but wondering if anyone knew if there are any notable updates since the last version?

kenr · · Unknown Hometown · Joined Oct 2010 · Points: 10,394

From a quick scan at home after I bought the new "Blue Dick", I didn't find obvious differences in the new edition from the old standard "Gray Dick".

In particular certain difficulty ratings and star-quality ratings which a substantial percentage of climbers on MP disagreed with were retained unchanged.

Doubtless I'll find some significant differences when I have time to look more.
I hope someone who makes the effort sooner will give us a more accurate comparison.


P.S. The misleading "grade comparison" table (page xx) which compares French/Euro sport grades with Gunks difficulty grades has been retained unchanged. A visiting climber from Europe who thinks from reading the table in the Blue Dick and thinks that being able to lead 5b in France that they're ready to take on 5.9 in the Trapps is likely to get a scary surprise.

P.S. The biographical claim that the author spent three years re-climbing all the routes has been retained from the previous "Gray Dick" edition -- but now as of 2016 that praiseworthy research was performed a long, long time ago.

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