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Job Opening - Salt Lake City

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christopher burton · · Bend, OR · Joined Nov 2010 · Points: 5

I've got a job available in the greater Salt Lake Area.
I am the field manager for a utility pole inspection company. We work nationwide. It is an outdoor, road-warrior position, well suited to the climber's personality. You set your own daily work schedule and leave policy is liberal. 3 weeks on, one off is not uncommon.
I am looking for someone based out of Salt Lake. Most of your work would be in the West, and the PNW is a hotspot.
I worked in the field for 6 years before finally caving and moving indoors. I averaged working about 9 months per year. Sure I spent some time in places not conducive to my climbing habit (I'm looking at you Michigan), but I've balanced that by spending extended time in prime climbing locales.
I spent 2 months in the campground at Smith Rock, pocketing my per diem and climbing until the tuff shredded my fingers. Several months (the good ones) in Tucson. All over Utah, Wyoming and Colorado. More time in Oregon and Washington than I can remember. You get the idea. Travel with a rack and opportunities present themselves. That said, now that I work from my home at the base of Big Cottonwood, I get a lot more climbing done than when I was in the field. I do however, miss the lifestyle. New towns, new sunsets, new people. Adventures and mishaps alike.

Qualifications Required:

Bachelors or Associates preferred, BS especially preferred.
Must be able to pass a drug screen
Extensive background check - if you have a DUI in the past 10 years or a drug charge ever, I can't help you, don't bother contacting me.
Local to Wasatch Range (this is for my convenience and not any concrete reason beyond I don't have time for too big a net)
Utility or construction experience a plus.
Must be highly computer competent and be able to navigate.
This job can be physical (shouldn't be a problem here) and can involve walking 5-6 miles a day on some types of projects. Mostly the job involves a lot of driving.
On that note, you must provide your own vehicle and insurance- Gas allowances or mileage provided.
Advancement opportunities exist.

Personality Traits sought:
Independent - you will work alone almost exclusively. It is important to remember this because you will be faced with all of the dangers that being alone brings (think of twisting an ankle in the woods as the sun is going down or being bit by a rattlesnake) along with citizen interaction.
Unflappable - Not all people are nice, welcoming and unarmed. You will encounter dogs, and not the nice ones. You must maintain poise and avoid altercations.
Fast learner - I train you fast and its sink or swim.
Detail Oriented - We collect a lot of information in the field for our clients.
Resourceful - You will have to be comfortable essentially living out of your car for weeks or months at a time. Hotel in, hotel out. I camped a lot when the weather was good for it. You make your own lodging arrangements.
Impervious to the elements - we work in all conditions

A word of warning to all would be warriors: This is a poor job for a family man/woman. I can't eliminate them because everybody's situation is different, but people with families tend not to last very long. It can be difficult to maintain relationships on the road. Girlfriends don't like being left at home, your climbing partner moves to Alaska, you can't play on the kickball team anymore.

I think that climbers typically possess a useful skill and personality set that is difficult to define and rarely found. In essence; weird, intelligent, independent and resourceful. This, and the fact I generally like most climbers, is why I am posting this here.
PM me with a brief (and I mean brief) paragraph introducing yourself and your abilities (not climbing abilities). Tell me why the job appeals to you, why you would be a good fit, etc. I will contact a chosen few to solicit resumes. Don't attach a resume, I have no interest in reading 100 resumes so I wont be doing so. I won't respond to this post, so you must PM me.
Chris out!

Guideline #1: Don't be a jerk.

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