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Arcteryx Squamish hoody sizing and price

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Bill Kirby · · Baltimore Maryland · Joined Jul 2012 · Points: 480

I own a XL Patagonia Houdini jacket. It's great to take up long routes or have in the pack just in case. My problem is the XL fit too tight in the chest and shoulders plus the sleeves are too short. Lots of room in the stomach and the jacket is long enough so I could live with the Houdini.

I read that the Squamish hoody comes in XXL. I would like to buy one but before I do I was hoping you guys could answer this.. How's the fit? Does it ever go on sale? Is the Squamish as light as the Houdini? Does the Squamish roll up into its pocket as small as the Houdini?


MyFeetHurt · · Thornton, CO · Joined Oct 2011 · Points: 140

I have both a Houdini and Squamish in the same size. Overall the fit is very similar between the two. The Squamish is cut a little looser in the arms and torso, so it can layer over things slightly better than the Houdini. The arm length is about the same.

The Squamish rolls up into its pocket, about twice the size of the Houdini (I have the older model which is really difficult to actually stuff), but that is only because the pocket is so much bigger than the Houdini. Bulk wise, its hardly and bigger but it will take up more space on your harness since its not compressed as much when stuffed.

Bill Kirby · · Baltimore Maryland · Joined Jul 2012 · Points: 480

Thanks Feet! So then the XXL should be huge. Now if I could only one on sale..

clint helander · · anchorage, alaska · Joined Dec 2007 · Points: 613

buy an XXL and have it hemmed. search the net, you'll find one on sale

Linnaeus · · NZ · Joined Aug 2011 · Points: 0

Hey Bill,
I have two Squamish hoodies and they're great. I got one on sale for $100 and another off the forums b/c I liked it so much. I think they are coming out with a new style next year, b/c REI had them on sale a couple months ago.

I know you have some other Arc' stuff that you like, so my guess is you will appreciate the fit on the Squamish too. It has a little stretch to it that also makes it fit and move better than a lot of other wind shirts.

I would also consider the Gamma SL - I know some people will say this is a totally different style of shirt/jacket, but honestly, the weight isn't that different, it has nice pockets, and for my uses it would also be a great jacket.

Bill Kirby · · Baltimore Maryland · Joined Jul 2012 · Points: 480

Nothing on sale so far Clint. But I'll keep looking.

Thanks Linnaeus! You didn't get a Squamish hoody from the REI in Timonium did you? I can't believe REI would carry that. Well then again I did get a Fortez hoody there.

Paul Hassett · · Aurora CO · Joined Oct 2002 · Points: 163…

Bill Kirby · · Baltimore Maryland · Joined Jul 2012 · Points: 480
Paul Hassett wrote:…
Sweet! I had checked trekinn and no XXL but Bergs has the size and color. Thank you Paul. I didn't know Berg's existed.
Fan Zhang · · Washington, DC · Joined Apr 2012 · Points: 658

I'm at the opposite end of the size spectrum, but FWIW, I have a Patagonia Houdini (first generation) in size S that is really tight under the armpits and around the shoulders. I just tried on the Arcteryx Squamish hoody today in XS and S. The XS fit me much better than the S, which was a tad too big. Even the XS Squamish fit better all around than my S Houdini, including the armpits and shoulders. So before you buy an XXL Squamish, you might consider trying on an XL, since it might fit looser than your XL Houdini.

Linnaeus · · NZ · Joined Aug 2011 · Points: 0

Good deal on XL Squamish:…

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