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Peter Howes · · Unknown Hometown · Joined Nov 2014 · Points: 20

In the middle of our van conversion and we didn't have any clamps! luckily these biners were the right size. Any other creative uses for climbing gear out there?

Carabiner wood clamps

Wood clamps close-up

Sam Fox · · Burlington, VT · Joined Sep 2013 · Points: 210

I think you want some more pressure for that to actually adhere properly..

Matt Wolski 1 · · Salt Lake City, Utah · Joined Dec 2014 · Points: 0

More pictures of the van!

Andrew Wood · · Unknown Hometown · Joined Jul 2015 · Points: 15
Sam Fox wrote:I think you want some more pressure for that to actually adhere properly..
the more important question is why they used that many slat boards, screwed them all down, and put in a spine, it's like an overweight side by side bunk bed made out of concrete, but, I could just be triggered by the extreme overuse of materials...These pictures remind me of buying my girlfriend a 20 pack of philips head bits...because she just loves stripping
Bill Lawry · · New Mexico · Joined Apr 2006 · Points: 1,399

BD C4 to anchor one end of a clothes line. :-)

Ray Lovestead · · Boulder, CO · Joined Jan 2008 · Points: 57

I can't believe you are using that 3-sided engineers scale. That is a blatant misuse of delicate measurement tools that are intended for use on paper. Your engineering fundamentals professor is rolling over in his grave.

And don't call it a ruler. Or you'll get scale slapped upside your head.

Ted Pinson · · Chicago, IL · Joined Jul 2014 · Points: 45

Uh...I use tubular webbing for hanging my hammock, does that count?

Jason Todd · · Cody, WY · Joined Apr 2012 · Points: 618
Roy Suggett · · Unknown Hometown · Joined Jul 2009 · Points: 6,245

I use an old JB helmet as a hanging flower basket. Also, for your van but perhaps better for a pick-up shell mount, use hangers to bolt down the shell to the side panels. You might get some "colored" hangers and place them strategically high to use as an organizing of crap tool.

bearbreeder · · Unknown Hometown · Joined Mar 2009 · Points: 25

Old climbing rope and biners are useful for tons of stuff around the house


Faulted Geologist · · Lawrence, KS · Joined Jan 2015 · Points: 8

Magnetron segregator makes an annoying key ring, safer than using it for climbing.

Only good as a key ring, a $25 key ring that is.

Faulted Geologist · · Lawrence, KS · Joined Jan 2015 · Points: 8

Big ups on the cam dress!! Winner!

Crash pad is guest bed.

Guideline #1: Don't be a jerk.

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