Why does this keep happening to this cam?

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Optimistic · · New Paltz · Joined Aug 2007 · Points: 300

I replaced the trigger wires on this camalot, and, as shown in the photo, one of the loops keeps popping off, usually while sitting in my pack. Any ideas on how to stop this? Maybe I got "newer style" wire for an older camalot or something?

Unhooked trigger wire

Medic741 · · Red Hook, New York · Joined Apr 2012 · Points: 265

Is the little tab underneat trigger bar that wire hooks to intact or is it damaged?

T Roper · · DC,VA,NM,UT,CT,MA · Joined Mar 2006 · Points: 860

tape it, all of my new trigger cables do that. use gorilla tape.

highaltitudeflatulentexpulsion · · Colorado · Joined Oct 2012 · Points: 35

There is a little tab that is relatively easy to break or damage just enough to make loose. I also recommend gorilla tape.

Greg D · · Here · Joined Apr 2006 · Points: 871

You could apply a bit of heat to the plastic trigger where the cable hooks on and reshape it . Worked for me.

Optimistic · · New Paltz · Joined Aug 2007 · Points: 300

The tab is still there...
Would crimping the wires into a sort of hockey stick shape do anything?
I'll try the tape... I've actually got a C4 trigger held together with athletic tape, that's been working surprisingly well.
Thanks for the replies all!

climber pat · · Las Cruces, NM · Joined Feb 2006 · Points: 215

I put the wire in the correct location under the tap and glued it is place with epoxy.

John Butler · · Unknown Hometown · Joined Apr 2016 · Points: 5

Zip ties do the trick

Zip tie 1

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