Advice Request: Guide or Partner Finder for RNWF of Half Dome?

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My life's dream is to climb the RNWF of Half Dome. The only chance I know I'm going to get to do it in the next few years is this September. (I already know that's the hottest time of year in the Valley and that I'm going to fry, but it's the only time I've got.)

I am trying to find someone to do this with. I have been a little bit out of the scene for a few years, and the partners that I used to climb with are either out of shape or not excited about the RNWF, so I'm debating between using MP to find a guy who wants to do it or hiring a pro guide.

I have used partner finder for shorter, more manageable climbs where I was sure that I could lead every pitch if I had to. I don't think I can do that with the RNWF, so I'm considering hiring a pro guide. I've got a few concerns with a pro guide though: 1) it seems like I have the same problem that I would have with partner finder--idk if this guy is going to be competent or fit enough to get up the RNWF, only this time I have to pay for it; 2) I don't know anything about finding a guide for Yosemite.

Any thoughts/advice on this decision or guide references would be helpful.

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September is a fine time to do HD, but you'll have a way bigger problem with the altered state of the route after last year's rock fall. See route comments

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There's only one legal guide service in the valley, and yms charges about 4k for a half dome trip these days. It's funny that you think a yms guide wouldnt be competent or fit enough for a route as trivial as the regular.

You could easily find a piratey guide in the ashtray for way less, but if you're thinking of that route, might as well just find a partner, do something smaller and see how it goes.

Worst case, solo the rig. Goes pretty quick.

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