Endurance/ARC training without a gym

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MClay · · Unknown Hometown · Joined Mar 2015 · Points: 710

Has anyone had success with the methods prescribed in the linked article?


I'm particularly interested in the Fingerboard Moving Hangs. Will they actually work to turn me into Forearm Pump Resistant Freak?

Getting ready to move and have to leave my gym membership behind. Now will only have my small home gym to train. I've sorta made it work in the past with limited gains. It's hard to work good Power-Endurance and set good problems for 4x4's on my 9x12 woody.

Brendan N · · Salt Lake City, Utah · Joined Oct 2006 · Points: 378

The Moving Hangs will certainly help a little bit, but they seem too loose to be effective (do it for 5 OR 10 minutes?)
You can ARC and 4x4 effectively on a 9'x12' woody if you have the right holds and motivation (i.e. Death Metal)

ben jammin · · Moab, UT · Joined Jul 2008 · Points: 695

Just the topic I was looking for.

I'm also interested in what others have done to train PE on a hangboard. Unfortunately, living in Moab, I don't have access to a wall to do 4x4's or other workouts prescribed in the Anderson bros' book. I feel like I've had moderate success following their plan thus far and am looking forward to working my crimpy, slightly overhanging pumpfest projects up in Mill Creek.

The workout that I've come up with so far is to hang on the hangboard (with a footboard to rest) for 10 min staying on the board the whole time. Every minute I'll hang off a different hold, usually with 10-20 lbs added for 15 sec and do three pullups before I pop back up to either the jug or 'good' sloper (on Metolious Simulator).

Anyone else with limited resources doing PE training on a hangboard?

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