Japan climbing in March - planning, information, partners?

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Hi! Looking for partners and information on climbing in Japan.

I'm traveling to Japan from March 3 to the 21. I'll be working some days, but I'd love to try out the outdoor climbing in Japan while I'm there. I'll be based near Mito, Ibaraki - a couple hours bus ride north of Tokyo.

Would anyone in the area like to meet up and go climbing? I'd love to try out the sport climbing, but I'd be down to go bouldering as well. It's unlikely that I'll have access to a car, but I can get anywhere the trains will take me.

I see Mountain Project has some information on the climbing in Japan, but it's somewhat incomplete. Is there any good sport climbing in or near Ibaraki? I've seen there's quite a bit of information on Ogawayama climbing so that's a potential destination for me.

Here are my potential climbing days: March 4?, March 5-6, March 11-14, March 19-21


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Hi Scott

I can't tell you much about rock-climbing in Ibaraki, but you're not far from the Nikko area and Gunma, and if you can get over to the west side of Tokyo there's plenty of sport climbing around (Futagoyama, Jogasaki, Tenno-iwa, Hiwada-yama, Yugawara Maku-iwa etc.), as well as bouldering at Mitake.

You'll find some info that might be useful for you on my site, Climb Japan ( climbjapan.blogspot.jp/), although I haven't written anything about Ibaraki itself on there.

If you go to the higher mountains, be aware that there will still be snow in March, so you might enjoy getting up into the alpine or heading over to Yatsugatake for some winter routes.

If you're interested in a tick list of classic alpine routes in Japan for planning a trip, take a look at this book that was published recently ( amzn.to/1TtQwKP). It's not expensive to buy, and is best viewed on the kindle reading app on a tablet or desktop to get full colour photos. The book contains all the info you'd need to climb any of the routes.

Hope that helps! Have a great trip :)


10 Classic Alpine Climbs of Japan

ScoJo · · Boulder, CO · Joined Jun 2014 · Points: 120

Hello to anyone in Japan! I arrived here Friday. I'm bumping this topic to see if there is any more interest in climbing.

Tony, thanks for the info! I didn't bring any alpine gear with me, so I'll try to avoid any snow.

I found out that Ogawayama is closed and probably really cold this time of year, so I've scratched out that idea. It looks like my best bet is any sport climbing or bouldering around Tokyo in terms of access and conditions. I have shoes, harness and some personal gear (no rope or bouldering pad unfortunately).

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