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Mike Slavens · · Houston, TX · Joined Jan 2009 · Points: 35

Does anyone know where to find a paper copy of the Atkinson/Piche Bugaboos guide?

Their website says the book is currently out of print and a new one is coming but not till 2017. After searching the internet most places that "have" the book are out of stock and are UK shops/websites. Finding something in the states would be preferable for shipping costs.

There is a .pdf "preview" of the new book but its obviously not complete and I'm not sure what parts of the info have or haven't been updated.

jason.cre · · Unknown Hometown · Joined Aug 2014 · Points: 10

After months of searching I eventually came to the conclusion the only place to find the book is in the Kaine hut.

Jake wander · · Unknown Hometown · Joined Aug 2014 · Points: 165

I could only find it in Canada last year when I bought it. With shipping and foreign transaction fees I ended up paying like $55 for it. I can look up the info of where I got it if youre willing to pay that much, otherwise i wont go through the trouble.

Also, in regards to the book being at the kane hut, there werent copies for sale when I was there last june. There was a copy to remain in the hut for people to look at but that was all.

Chris Owen · · Big Bear Lake · Joined Jan 2002 · Points: 10,096

Is this one any good? It only gets one star so I'm assuming no.

Bill Kirby · · Baltimore Maryland · Joined Jul 2012 · Points: 480

The Mountaineer in Keene Valley NY has a couple copies as of last summer. Give them a call...

jason.cre · · Unknown Hometown · Joined Aug 2014 · Points: 10

I guess this should be added to the "great online deals" thread. Jesus what a joke.

Todd Anderson · · Seattle, WA · Joined Jun 2011 · Points: 145

Ask the For Sale/For Free/Want to Buy forum. I got one there for $12, I think.

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