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Tony Schmidt · · Chicago, IL · Joined Jun 2014 · Points: 5

I know the title might be misleading but what I was wondering is if anyone has seen/used/has any good ideas of what to do with kids while climbing.

My wife and I just had our second who will be about 9 months this summer and we have a daughter that is going to be turning 5. I was wondering what people seem to have success with. Also how do you keep kids interest up at in those age ranges.

I know blankets are an option, I was wondering if people has something more creative than my simple mind.

Old lady H · · Boise, Idaho · Joined Aug 2015 · Points: 290

Duct tape and staple gun were my go to for all parenting conundrums.

Seriously, there is at least one thread in here somewhere with ideas about kids and climbing. Pretty much have to have one person completely watching the kids. Those two ages are kind of tough. The 5 can climb, if she's up for it. Babywise, I had my own business when my guy was little, and the one thing that was super helpful was two fold up fence things. One was about the size of a biggish playpen, but five or six sided. Two together were great, and made a nice big corral. We threw a bunch of blankets and quilts in for padding, and that's where a lot of his time was spent. You could haul one around pretty easily. I even had him up on a flat roof with me once, while painting a second story wall! That was a long time ago, but I'm betting they're still around. Pet stores had them for small dog pens, other places in the kid department.

Hope the bump helps! Congrats on the new one, by the way! Best, old lady H.

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