Will Grivel stop making the X-monster picks?

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csproul · Jan 19, 2016 · Davis, CA · Joined Dec 2009 · Points: 25
Looks like Grivel is changing the picks on their newer tools. Does this mean they will stop producing replacement X-monster picks? Looks like they still sell the X-monster itself, but not the Quantums, so perhaps they will continue to make picks that will fit the X-monster an Quantums?

Zac St. Jules · Jan 21, 2016 · New Hampshire · Joined Dec 2013 · Points: 1,008
My guess is that they phase out the monster blades out but chances are youll be able to continue to find them for awhile.

Theriault · Jan 22, 2016 · Quebec, Quebec · Joined Apr 2011 · Points: 168
I`d say stock up if you don`t plan to change your tools in the next few years, I have some Grivel tools from the Reparto Corse line and blades are getting really hard to find. ( For dry tooling there`s Krukonogi that still make great blades! life saver`s! )

Zac St. Jules · Jan 22, 2016 · New Hampshire · Joined Dec 2013 · Points: 1,008
Marty if you come across more of the master blades ill be looking for a set.

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