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It getting cold out locally without ice, and that leaves me hoping to keep climbing rock when temps allow. I'd love to hit the east facing, dark rock on the West side of the Hudson river at West Point. Does anyone know of access issues?

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Eric Lutz wrote:Does anyone know of access issues?
I'm a grad - ideally you should enter as a visitor through the post gates. I don't know what that requires anymore. You should *not* attempt to enter by following the train tracks because 1) the tracks are apparently private property of the railroad company and I've heard secondhand that they now have No Trespass signs up, and 2) that would put you back on the Academy property without having gone through the visitor gate. If you get called on #2, you will have been caught trespassing on a military installation.

I've heard some people in the past say that they just snuck in and the cadets all knew it and winked about it. But that puts the cadets at risk of potential honor code violations, and that's a shitty thing to do just so that someone can climb without going through the proper entrance.
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Maybe ask over at this Facebook page?

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From the 1st loose leaf hand out, I doubt much has changed obey all signs-stay off the tracks. . .

for this century
guide, Sue Kligerman, (who along with Dws Strklr,? ) "are officers in charge of the Acadamy's climbing site".,

Edit :
as of 8/15.

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Give careful attention to the details of what zswan wrote above.

It might not be exactly correct as of January 1, 2016, but based on my outsider's experience and talking to at least one USMA climber in the last year ... it's at least close -- and it raises key issues that need to be managed.


P.S. East exposure is not necessarily so favorable for winter rock climbing. SouthWest is better for combining sunshine with warm air temperature (in the afternoon).

Eric Lutz · · Unknown Hometown · Joined Sep 2014 · Points: 180

Thanks for the input! Military access shouldn't be an issue, membership has it's privileges. I'll reach out to Sue. Thanks again

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