How do I rig an expedition sled

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Nick Turtura
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I picked up a sled and am planning on heading out next month to practice pulling for a Denali trip. I haven't found any good articles nor videos on rigging. Does anyone have any good beta or links? — Dec 29, 2015
Matt Stroebel
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A pretty good DIY setup on the cheap, you'd have to modify the person harness since this one is set up for a bike. — Dec 29, 2015
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The fat bike one is sweet^, If I remember(it's been awhile) correctly we crossed the poles between us and the sled to gain more control over it wanting to tip on traverses — Dec 29, 2015
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Yes, X (or cross) the two poles as they come up to attach (to waist belt on pack.)
This will let you ski, make turns, and have sled follow (track) behind you like a dream.

Tie cord on back of sled to pull out when traversing a slope so that person behind you can hold said cord, helping to keep sled from going down hill...

Google "ski pulk" or sled.. — Dec 29, 2015
David Rice
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My wife had to haul a Pulk for several weeks in Antartica. The SnowSled company out of Canada was extremely helpful; — Dec 29, 2015
Nick Turtura
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Sled Rigging

I'm going to give this a shot. Thoughts? I'm not on skis and will be traveling over as close to Denali terrain as I can find. I'm curious about the bungee "shock absorber." — Dec 29, 2015
christoph benells
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honestly, for denali you just tie it all up and drag it behind you.

i saw all kinds of different riggings up there, none seemed to work better than the others.

on denali the sleds are provided by the air taxis, don't expect anything to nice or fancy.

pvc poles are a waste of time, i wouldn't bother.

if you are on snowshoes, and if you are, i pity you, going downhill the person behind you on the rope will control your sled via a prussik on the glacier rope.

the path up there on denali is pretty well worn from everyone dragging their sleds, just get it in the track and get will flip over dozens of times no matter what you do.

if you want it to be best just have a nice streamline duffel that holds all your stuff well. its more about having everything packed nice and tight rather than rigging it a certain way. — Dec 29, 2015
Allen Sanderson
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Beta - yeah use a drag bag instead. Much easier to pack and use. The last time I used a 25 kilo grain sack from my home brewing. It slides well and if it rolls who cares. It is also great to put stuff in around camp. — Dec 29, 2015
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