Earth Treks Climbing Centers Supports Paradox Sports Adaptive Climbing Programs Nationwide

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Paradox Sports and Earth Treks Climbing Centers are deepening their partnership to grow adaptive climbing programs across the US in 2016. Earth Treks has pledged to match donations towards Paradox Sports’ fundraising efforts between December 27-31 dollar for dollar, up to $5000.

For the last four days of 2015 Paradox Sports will be raising important funds through an online, email and social media campaign using the hashtag #FindYourAbility. Paradox Sports invites anyone with a disability to try climbing and learn about the life enhancing benefits of the sport and join the empowering and oftentimes irreverent climbing community that the sport attracts. Between December 27-31 you can support Paradox Sports’ Adaptive Climbing Programs with a gift at and Earth Treks will match your donation, dollar for dollar, up to $5000.

In addition to being among the first climbing gyms to open their doors to adaptive climbing at their East Coast gyms, Earth Treks in Golden, CO has been the center of a growing movement in Adaptive Climbing in the Western US. The Front Range Adaptive Climbing Club (FRACC) and a growing team of competitive “paraclimbers” train at Earth Treks twice a month. This group is organized by Paradox Sports and Adaptive Adventures and supported by Earth Treks.

Earth Treks’ President and Owner Chris Warner says, “I've been involved in some level of outdoor recreation for 35 years. All of us in outdoor recreation have such a deep interest in changing people’s lives through climbing and other activities. It made such an impact on our lives, we are always looking for ways to impact others’ lives. So naturally we’ve been very open to adaptive climbing and happy to be involved from the beginning.”

In late May or early June 2016 Earth Treks will host a Climbing Camp for the USA Adaptive Climbing Team, and the Front Range Adaptive Climbing Club will meet at Earth Treks on Wednesday December 16, 2015 for the last club night of 2015.


Executive Director of Paradox Sports, Doug Sandok, says, “Earth Treks’ centers have been at the foundation of building adaptive climbing for many years. The sport has really grown because of the support of gyms like Earth Treks. Over the last few years, adaptive climbers have been pushing the boundaries of what’s possible and setting the bar higher for all of us. It’s amazing what’s happening at places like Earth Treks right now. We are really psyched to be partnering with them and actively bringing more people with disabilities into climbing.”

Paradox Sports
Paradox Sports is a Colorado-based non-profit founded in 2007 by Timmy O’Neill, D.J. Skelton and Malcolm Daly, to improve people’s lives by creating physical adaptive sport communities built to inspire. Focused on adaptive climbing trainings, adaptive trips, and community building, the organization is breaking down barriers for veterans and people with paraplegia, amputated limbs, and other disabilities to help them climb, hike, and enjoy the outdoors. For more information, visit

Earth Treks Climbing Centers
Earth Treks was founded in 1990 by mountaineer Chris Warner. Chris is one of 11 mountaineers who have summited both Everest and K2 and has led over 200 international expeditions. He opened the first Earth Treks gym in 1997 and now has four gyms in Maryland and Colorado with a fifth being constructed in Washington DC.
Each climbing gym is among the largest in the country, with plenty of climbing for every age and ability level. Motivated by our mission to share our passion for climbing, we are constantly evolving and re-investing. We know that a beautiful gym makes a great first impression, but it is the day to day dedication to serving our community that we are most proud of.

The term “adaptive” refers to sports that are adapted for people with disabilities.


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La Momoface · · Arvada, CO · Joined Apr 2008 · Points: 60

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ShireSmitty · · Boulda · Joined Jan 2013 · Points: 70
ShireSmitty · · Boulda · Joined Jan 2013 · Points: 70

For those who don't know... Paradox Sports also has a critical and effective Veterans' specific program. Eight or so trips per year taking disabled veterans on awesome trips all over the United States to places like Yosemite and the Grand Teton. Specializing in amputees, the blind, and "Invisible" conditions like Traumatic Brain Injuries, PTSD, Fibromyalgia, Chronic Lyme Disease and other Neurological issues. These programs have been instrumental in the recovery, therapy, and support for many veterans who lack the proper care and support of the VA and government systems. These guys and gals sustained myriad injuries in service of our country. Everyone knows a Veteran and knows a story of service, injury, survival, and recovery. Support these men and women who served and sacrificed for everyone. Realize that you can support the people and it doesn't mean that you support the wars. These are our brothers and sisters, fathers and mothers, cousins, friends, etc... make it happen!

ShireSmitty · · Boulda · Joined Jan 2013 · Points: 70
ShireSmitty · · Boulda · Joined Jan 2013 · Points: 70
ShireSmitty · · Boulda · Joined Jan 2013 · Points: 70
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