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Will be renting a bike in bariloche for a 4 day rip through Patagonia. Any recommendations? Will be a BMW f650 enduro and I've got a good bit of dual sport touring experience. Thanks! Will be sure to post a road report

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that sounds so cool

are you doing something like Bariloche to Chalten? all the way down to Tierra del Fuego? looking forward to seeing photos

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my recommendation would be to do whatever you can to get more than four days. If not, you're pretty limited to the immediate area around Bariloche unless you want a pretty masochistic ride south. Once you leave El Bolson (an hour or two south of Bariloche) the road gets desolate (arguably entertaining all the way to Esquel which is another hour or so south of El Bolson). I'm not saying you'll hate it. It's it own kind of "beautiful." But the reward is El Chalten which is a solid 15-20 hours south of Bariloche. The road down is rough and would be exhausting to ride quickly and turn around and ride back. I've ridden around Mongolia, Siberia, Nepal, etc. and feel like I'm familiar with the toll a rocky road takes. I did this one in a bus, and I was thinking how brutal it would be on a bike the whole time.
The Bariloche region is beautiful too, though. You could run around and see some great stuff there. I'd just try to run around the southern parts more if you can figure out a way to make it happen. Buena Suerte!

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