discomfort and numbness (?) in pinky and ring finger

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hey ya'll. so yesterday i was climbing in a gym and i went up for a hold and caught it with the pinky and ring finger of my right hand, then fell. it felt a little off for about 10 minutes then it was fine so i climbed for another 2 hours.

i woke up this morning and it's pretty sore, it's a "stiff" pain, if that makes sense - mainly focused around the joints where my pinky/ring/middle fingers meet my hand. it only hurts when i close my hand.

thoughts? i iced it and will take it easy, but any other recommendations?

Andrewww · · Concord, NH · Joined Mar 2014 · Points: 110

A2 pulley? Maybe a strain? I had one pop on me once, not pleasant. I would go see an ortho and see what they suggest.

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AnnaG19 wrote: but any other recommendations?
Rest? See a doctor? Crazy, I know.
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