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Peter Howes · · Unknown Hometown · Joined Nov 2014 · Points: 80

Heading to Thailand this January, I don't know anything about Thailand.

Please spray me with any and all beta. A couple questions that have come to mind since the ticket-purchasing adrenaline has cleared...

-Where should i go, 3 weeks to explore
-What should I climb (cruxing at 5.12b)
-How do I know what bolts to clip... Am I gunna die?
-Just bought Sam Lightners guidebook, will that be sufficient
-shorts, t-shirt, quickdraws and harness, should I bring anything else

My most ridiculous question - I have had some experience riding dirt bikes. Would it be completely ridiculous to try to buy and sell a bike for a 3 week trip, and would I definitely be killed while riding, from lets say Bangkok to Krabi?

Thanks for your input!

mikehilbert · · Tucson, AZ · Joined Oct 2012 · Points: 1,272

While there are things to see on the way from Bangkok to Krabi, you'll probably want to spend as much of your time in Tonsai and Railay as possible so the bike, imo, is a bad idea...especially if you only have 3 weeks. I love riding too but it's a long ride and I'd urge you to get a $35 plane ticket to Krabi from Bangkok and save yourself the headaches. Go to Tonsai, go straight to Tonsai. You can rent anything you want there for reasonable prices. I forget exactly what I paid this summer but I think it's something like $20 per person (assuming there are two of you) per day for a sport rack, rope, shoes, and harness. I think shoes are $5 for half a day if you just want to boulder. I would definitely hit up the climbing shop up the hill in Tonsai for DWS, as it's the cheapest and I believe they all go to the same places. If you are looking to upscale your trip, you may want a place in Railay West as Tonsai is much cheaper and more modest but the climbing/community in Tonsai is awesome. I stayed at the Andaman Bungalows for $5 per night there. Bolts are routinely replaced there and are all good as far as I could tell. There were some old slings with leave beaners on them, but I felt pretty darn safe. I didn't climb anything above 5.11 so I can't help you with what to climb at the +5.12b grade. A couple days in Bangkok are all you'll need and then head down south. You may want to check out the beauty of Phi Phi on your way back but understand it will be quite touristic compared to Tonsai, which is super chill.

Ryan Huetter · · Mammoth Lakes, CA · Joined Apr 2006 · Points: 255

Tonsai is great and has been the epicentter of climbing in Thailand for a long, time, but a week up north in Chiang Mai to sample some city life and climb the amazing stone at Crazy Horse would be time well spent. I'd rather spend city days in Chiang Mai than Bangkok.

Lighter's book is ok but kind of outdated and not as good as Wee's book, IMO. Worth getting when you're there.

Motorbiking in Asia? Definitely gonna die! I put my bike down a few times...

Have fun!

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