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Mark Hesse dies at BRC

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Tim Stich · · Colorado Springs, Colorado · Joined Jan 2001 · Points: 1,476

Still pretty shocked by the news. It happened on Jan. 27.…

George Bell · · Boulder, CO · Joined Jan 2001 · Points: 5,030

How tragic! My condolences.

Any MP members there to shed light on what may have happened?

Tim Stich · · Colorado Springs, Colorado · Joined Jan 2001 · Points: 1,476

It's going to take an autopsy I think, George. It may just be incidental that he was in the gym.

Glenn Schuler · · Monument, Co. · Joined Jun 2006 · Points: 1,320

Got a phone call from a buddy this morning telling me about this terrible news. Still can't believe it really. I didn't know Mark real well but climbed with him quite a few times over the years, such a positive person that always had a smile on his face. What a sad day for climbing communities all over the country. He did so much for so many areas it's hard to even comprehend.
You'll be missed, RIP my freind.

James Crump · · Unknown Hometown · Joined Dec 2008 · Points: 200

One the old school C-Springs Giants. One of my heroes

My heart goes out to all who have loved Mark.

Really sad.

RIP Mark

ACR · · Unknown Hometown · Joined Nov 2011 · Points: 590

That's so sad and sudden. I will always remember working with Mark on trail repairs in the Crestone basin. I was guiding there that summer but I lent my hands and back to help Mark and his crew anyway I could. He certainly wasn't shy about using any available space in my pack to haul tools! His enthusiasm and obvious trail building expertise will be missed. The community is poorer without him.
He used to come in to Mountain Chalet every-now-and-again when I worked there, always a wealth of knowledge. We would talk about some crazy story or local lore and after a few laughs he would say "now let me tell you how it REALLY happened!" and that version was always as good as or better than the myth.
Rest easy buddy.

Olaf Mitchell · · Paia, Maui, Hi, · Joined Mar 2007 · Points: 4,190

Mark was an inspirational figure to me as a developing rock climber!
My deepest condolences to his family and community.

Olaf Mitchell · · Paia, Maui, Hi, · Joined Mar 2007 · Points: 4,190
rob.calm · · Loveland, CO · Joined May 2002 · Points: 630

According to the coroner’s report Mark most likely died from blunt injuries sustained in a fall in which he was not tied into the auto-belay anchor.…

There is another thread that deals with this problem. Perhaps a better place for discussion of the accident than here.…

Having made a similar mistake seven years ago and survived (I was 15 feet up), it’s a poignant pain that I felt when reading the report. I have often thought how lucky I was that I didn’t get to the top. I never met Mike personally but knew about him from reputation. Condolences to his family and friends.


George Perkins · · The Dungeon, NM · Joined Apr 2006 · Points: 3,065

To my surprise and confusion, I found this in a side pocket I never open in my pack, along with summit register trash, likely packed out from one of: Washer Woman, Standing Rock, Moses, or Zeus (Island in the Sky), in December 2016; or less likely but possibly the Titan last month.  Sincere apologies for an honest mistake; I guess this explains the strange juju I've been having as I've carried the certificate around for months (not his ashes, thankfully) to various wonderful climbing adventures in the SW.  If you're friend or family of Mark's, I'll gladly mail it to you (message me).  Or if someone who knows which tower it came from wants to return it to where it belongs...

I never met Mark, but I've enjoyed a number of his wonderful climbs that are a part of his legacy, in addition to his many stewardship contributions to climbing in Colorado and Utah.

I hope this whole post is not in poor taste, if so, let me know and I'll delete it.


-George Perkins, Los Alamos, New Mexico

dennis jackson · · Unknown Hometown · Joined Mar 2009 · Points: 0

George, l left the certificate on Washerwoman. 404 Vigil St, Taos, NM 87571. Thanks, Dennis

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